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Do the keywords on your restaurant menu reflect the desired audience you want to attract?

Menu buzzwords play a big role in determining the type of guests who frequent your restaurant, and you could customers be turning off potential customers. Knowing which buzzwords to use and understanding how they will influence guests will help you attract the clientele you want.

Your Challenge

Restaurants across the country are tuning into what their ideal guests want more than ever- and that includes using trending descriptive words on their menu.  So I challenge you to a little experiment, if you don’t already have these 4 buzzwords on your menu, try it out and see if it makes your guests more inclined to order those dishes.


By definition, artisanal means a high-quality product made is small quantities- usually by hand or traditional methods.  For restaurants, smaller quantities equals more variety- and for guests whose average attention span is less than a goldfish (down to roughly 8 seconds), this is a desirable menu item.


Fresh food isn’t just about unprocessed or fruits and vegetables. Guests want food that is in season- apple chutney in the Fall or smoked salmon salad in the Spring.  Using a lot of fresh ingredients allows restaurants to change up their menus more often and keep dishes from getting stale.



Local ingredients mean more than just raiding the farmer’s market down the street.  Locally sourced food can actually come from areas up to 400 miles away from the restaurant.  And guests that see “local” on a menu not only feel as though these ingredients are better, but they feel a positive connection to the community. In this case, both the restaurant and the consumer are supporting the local community.


The word sustainable has a strong connection to farming.  Food that is considered sustainable must be economically viable, socially responsible and ecologically sound and is usually produced by small farmers who live on the land they farm. Millennials particularly find this attractive and restaurants who serve sustainable food only stand to increase their positive reputation.

So there you have it, 4 buzzwords that can make a big impact on your menu and determine the type of guest attracted to your restaurant.  And if these don’t strike a chord with your audience, wait a few months for 2016’s new buzzwords.

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