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Technology continues to play an expanding role in restaurant industry trends, in ways that benefit both consumers and businesses.

Expect to see the following four restaurant online ordering trends pick up speed in the coming year.

1- Social Media and Mobile Apps Will Drive More Sales

Facebook is a global behemoth with two billion monthly active users. The social media network announced in October that consumers can now order food right from a restaurant’s Facebook page on both desktop and mobile.  

Restaurant ordering software is starting to incorporate algorithms to predict a customer’s next order.

Facebook hasn’t created its own version of Seamless however. Instead, The Verge reports that the company is partnering with existing services such as “GrubHub,, DoorDash, ChowNow, Zuppler, EatStreet, Slice, and Olo,” and will now link out to those online ordering software companies for restaurants that use them.

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A mobile app for your restaurant similarly provides a convenient way for customers to place their orders. Apps allow customers to create accounts, re-order their favorite meals, and generate user data that you can analyze for everything from marketing initiatives to inventory management.

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2- Restaurant Analytics Are More Important

Online ordering software for restaurants captures plenty of data, such as customer orders and preferences, that can help businesses better understand their audience. This data will give restaurants a more fine-grained understanding of both their costs and their customers’ preferences, as well as the ability to create personalized loyalty programs for customers.

3- Using Algorithms to Predict Orders

Restaurant ordering software is starting to incorporate algorithms to predict a customer’s next order. They can predict which items you might order, as well as when you want to eat, based on the data from your (and other customers’) previous orders.

4- Online Ordering Outstripping Phone Orders

A Fortune restaurant technology survey found, “The percentage of orders booked online or using a smartphone or tablet app—now 6.6% of the total—exceeded the quantity placed verbally over the telephone (5%).”

With today’s consumers spending ever more time on their smartphones, online ordering makes take-out simpler and more convenient. Restaurants with online ordering are catering to a generation of consumers that are not used to waiting.

Online ordering is better for businesses too, by eliminating the middleman on the phone and reducing the capacity for staff errors.

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