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Let’s be honest, you didn’t get into the bar and nightlife industry because you wanted to plate the perfect filet mignon. You had a love for people. You had a love for good drinks, good food, and you wanted to use great hospitality to bring them both together. So you decided to open a bar.

  • The right restaurant menu ideas: easy.
  • Selecting the right craft beer selection: easier.
  • Setting up the entertainment, TVs, and sound system: all in a day’s work.
  • Drawing a crowd: who are you kidding? With food, drinks, and the game on? Too easy.
  • Selecting the right bar POS features to keep the crowd coming back?

…. Who has time for that?

With the right bar management software, your favorite team won’t be the only one winning every game night. Nowadays, thanks to innovative technology, it’s easier than ever to choose a POS that’s custom-built for your bar, your needs, and your guest experience. Gone are the days when you had a big old cash register and a line waiting at the bar to close out tabs at the end of the night. Nothing kills a good vibe faster than when Tom can’t see the TV because Joe needs his check and is flailing his arms in front of his face, am I right?

Are you searching for a bar POS but not sure which features you need to keep in mind? Here are 5 that will change your game for the better.

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1- Total Customizability

Oh sure, a Jack and Coke is an easy drink to make… but that’s probably not what your guests are going to be ordering all of the time. Bar owners and bartenders alike know that you need a bar POS that’s easy to use, designed to handle a large, rapid-fire, volume of orders, and very easy to customize those orders. No one has time to waste in a fast-paced environment like a bar, especially during a big game or a 5 o’clock Happy Hour rush. Which means no one has time to figure out how to sub out vodka instead of tequila in the margarita… your POS should already know how to.

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2- Pre-Authorization Of Payments

Closing out tabs. Oh, what fun. Said no one ever. The process is both time-consuming and repetitive. You have to print all the checks and drop them into folios, hand those over to the guests, collect the checks and cards, swipe the cards and return the signature slips to guests, and then collect the slip and adjust tips.

Bar pos software with pre-auth saves time… for both you and your guests. When a check is “pre-authed,” the server can print the signature slip and deliver it to the guest at the end of the shift. It saves time, paper and even preserves some of that guest love.

The restaurant POS landscape can feel overwhelming. What do you need from a restaurant POS? Get your buyer’s guide.

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3- Mobile iPad POS

With an iPad POS, your restaurant staff and bartenders can spend more time interacting with guests, and less time at the POS entering orders. This also means your guests spend less time waiting for their drink orders… which likely means they’ll be ordering more of them, too. Win-win, is what we like to say there.

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4- Bar and Liquor Inventory

You need real-time restaurant inventory that keeps track of your suppliers, prices, and units as fast as you go through it. In a business as fast moving as yours, you don’t have time to waste running out of a popular drink… especially when liquor costs in this industry are as much as 20% of the total sales.

Luckily, the right restaurant management software can track it right in your bar POS. Look for that feature as a must-have.

5- Easy Menu Management

Ah, menu specials. Drink specials. Gameday specials. Happy Hour Specials. Your menu changes all the time. You need a point of sale system that can keep up with all of those specials, plus all of the inventory changes you have from week to week, day to day (seasonal brew changes, anyone?)

Don’t worry about restarting your entire restaurant management system just to change up your menu. Look for a cloud-based POS system so you can make menu changes on the fly that update in real-time, no matter where you are.

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