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Football stadium cheering

The first football Sunday of the season is fast approaching! Football (and fantasy football) takes up a lot of free time (and funds) in the fall. Make sure your restaurant is the place to watch the game with these 5 tips.


Football food

Don’t fumble with football food

Whenever I think of football season I think of all the delicious food that usually comes with watching a game, and I know I’m not the only one. You want to make sure your restaurant has a great starting line up that people can easily pick from as they watch the game. It would be a perfect time to offer a wing special or a burger and beer night, but even if you just take all the classics and put them on their own smaller and easy to read menu it will feel like a special event.

beer flight FI

Run out the clock with a happy hour special

The crowd you’re trying to get definitely loves a good drink special when they’re looking for a place to camp out for the game. While drinks at a discounted price would strengthen your offense, even highlighting a certain new beer on tap will perk their interest.

football player

Don’t make a rookie mistake – always advertise!

Don’t confuse advertising a game with ramming it down their throat, there is a certain level of awareness you want to have when letting guests know your place is the place to be. The most important thing is make sure people know you’re playing the game, second to that is what type of crowd will be there. Are you playing the Pats vs Giants or the Giants vs Pats game? Make sure you’re clear about what type of fans usually populate your place, you don’t want anyone to tackle another guest!


Defense wins championships – Seat people right the first time

This is as simple as asking people if they’re here to watch the game right before you seat them. Unless you’re a serious sports bar, there are some seats that are better to view the game and some that are better for those who aren’t watching. Making sure they’re in a good position before they even order is a great way to keep your guests happy and keep people from running any interference.  

Football fans

Get your head in the game!

If you’re telling people your place is the destination to watch the game, you need to get your staff in formation. Don’t have a shuffleboard competition going on at the same time as Monday night football and keep music to a minimum, if any.  You don’t want to set yourself up for a losing season by having too much going that distracts the game!

I wish I could give you 49 more tips but there just isn’t enough space so here are five more:


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