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From speaking with dozens of Indian restaurants, we learned that very few have restaurant marketing plans in place. One reason could be a lack of material & inspiring examples, so we compiled our favorite Indian restaurant campaigns & Facebook pages in this blog post!

Our 5 Favorite Marketing Campaigns from Indian Restaurants

1. Punjab Cafe Posts Specials and Engages in Conversations

Punjab Café in Quincy, Massachusetts has a loyal following, with customers traveling from hours away just to enjoy their Indian cuisine. The staff is quick to reply to any questions posted on the page, and fans post glowing recommendations. The restaurant also posts a special on their Facebook page at least once a month. For September, customers can get a free chai with their order. This provides an incentive for people to try their restaurant and for those who have been there before to come back.

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2. Devi Restaurant Keeps Its Customers Updated

Devi Restaurant in New York City is the only Michelin star Indian restaurant in the United States.

Suvir Saran, Devi’s executive chef, was featured on the third season of Top Chef Masters. Devi is active in the community as well as the world of Indian cuisine. They have recently been featured in publications such as Edge New York in an article about their Chilean wines. Suvir was also featured in San Francisco Weekly when he visited the city for a conference on street food.

Devi’s Facebook page doesn’t hesitate to follow all of this news, post new menu items (with photos) and also features information about their charity efforts. The restaurant has recently auctioned off a dinner for six to benefit Meals on Wheels.

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3. Kabob & Curry Cross-Posts Blog Articles and Coupons

Providence, Rhode Island’s Kabob & Curry crossposts its blog entries to its Facebook page. The topics of their blog entries vary from information about Indian food to specials. They have also started providing coupons that are only available on the blog. In addition, customer reviews are highlighted. This helps direct traffic to their blog and, by extension, their website.

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4. Rasoi Celebrates Indian Food In Every Way Possible

Rasoi, Kabob and Curry’s sister restaurant in Pawtucket, RI, also has an active Facebook page. They link to blog entries, many of which contain information about Indian cooking.

Recent entries have discussed the various spices used in Indian cooking as well as common ingredients. Rasoi’s Facebook page also includes information about the offerings at Rasoi.


The restaurant recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and provided a four-course dinner special to celebrate. Photos of their vegetarian and vegan buffets bring menu descriptions to life. They also highlight their Indian cooking classes on their Facebook page.

5. Little India Posts Awards and Creative Contests

Little India in Denver, Colorado is a favorite among Denver locals. They have two locations and recently won an award for best Indian food in Denver.

Their Facebook page not only mentions awards the restaurant has won. It also includes specials and a contest for a gift certificate. The contest required customers to post their favorite memory of the restaurant. This is a great way to garner interest in their restaurant in a more personalized way.

While there’s little competition right now, Indian restaurants can still use Facebook to stand out from the crowd. Since most cities have a serious lack of Indian food (and the menu can be daunting), it’s smart to find ways to become more approachable to new patrons. Featuring specials, publicity, linking to blog articles, posting information about Indian cooking and showcasing awards the restaurant has won can provide a more intimate look inside your restaurant.

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