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One of the industries most impressively leveraging social media is the wine industry. You probably can’t draw a line from Gary Vaynerchuk, but there’s no doubt that he’s paved the way not only for the popularity of wine, but for the marketing strategies of many wineries.

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of online marketing for many wineries because it can often make people feel like they’re sitting right in the tasting room, talking right to you.

So if you’re ready to start marking on Twitter, or are simply looking for more ways to leverage the platform, then look no further.

Quick tip for Wineries on Twitter #1: Know Your Customer

Studies show that visitors to wineries are generally upper middle class, educated folks. This means that the people you are tweeting to will expect someone on your end to be able to speak intelligently about wine. Make sure that the person behind your Twitter account is someone “behind the lines” and can both provoke and respond to an educational discussion.

Quick tip for Wineries on Twitter #2: Know Your Hashtags

In the wine world, the most important hashtag you need to know is #WineWednesday or #WW. Created by Twitter users, this hashtag is used to tag a tweet that talks about wine, and recommend wineries. Some wineries have used this hashtag to promote certain products on Wednesdays, while others use it to promote their other wine-producing friends. In any case, it can lead to some great exposure and conversations. The other most obvious hashtag? #wine.

Quick tip for Wineries on Twitter #3: Find your fans

Always be on the lookout for people who are talking about your wine. Lots of people will forget to @ you in a tweet, so there are a few other ways to find out.

InboxQ comes in the form of a free browser plugin for Firefox and Google Chrome and will automatically keep tabs on people who mention your brand. When you start a “campaign”, all you do is enter the keywords you want, and then InboxQ will deliver questions asked on Twitter that are using the keyword. You can also use it to find people looking for answers.

Search.Twitter.com is also great for doing it the old fashioned way.

Quick tip for Wineries on Twitter #4: Be a person, not a business.

The reason why people talk to each other on Twitter is because they want to interact with real human beings. When someone looks at your bottle, they’re interacting with your business. When they’re talking to you on Twitter, they should be interacting with “Jerry, wine slinger extraordinaire”, a person who can tell jokes and say thank-you.

Quick tip for Wineries on Twitter #5: Build your brand, not your wallet.

Let’s face it; You probably aren’t even shipping wine to half of the country, so why waste all of your effort trying to sell people on something they can only get by hopping on a plane or finding you in a nearby liquor store?

Our winery POS systems are designed to help you spend your time building a persona that makes people want to spend more time with your wine. Just like in the winery itself, it’s all about the experience. A great wine-slinger can get someone to buy a case or join a wine club.


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