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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, and American diners poised to spend close to $10 million, you may be panicked if you don’t have your marketing and restaurant promotion ideas in order. To prix fixe or not to prix fixe? Flowers or twinkling lights? Upserve, provider of top restaurant POS, payments and analytics software, has released the 2018 Valentine’s Day Lookbook to help inspire restaurants across the country in the name of love.

A whopping 82% of people would rather receive an experience than a gift from their significant other, and your restaurant can be the experience!


Valentine’s Day promotion ideas and marketing campaigns, that’s amore!

Restaurant prix fixe menus are at the ready, restaurant decor ideas are getting glitzy, and the red and pink restaurant colors are trending, but the best restaurateurs know that it all comes down to the right promotion ideas.

Diners will choose their evening of romance based on three things:

  1. Atmosphere
  2. Special promotions
  3. Menus

valentines day restaurant promotions lookbook

All in all, these romantics are looking for an experience. And when looking at the most romantic restaurants in America, one thing is clear: it’s all about the personal touch. Of those restaurateurs who submitted their best restaurant promotion ideas for Valentine’s Day, there were some that offered bouquets you could order ahead, there were roses hanging from the ceiling, and even hand-written notes on the table!

Valentines day restaurant promotions Lookbook Cover

Valentine’s Day menu ideas and marketing campaigns are more than the prix fixe. We’ve compiled more than 50 of the best ones across the country into this year’s Valentine’s Day Lookbook.

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Valentine’s Day menu ideas are more than prix fixe.

We are in the era of experience gifting. And that is a huge opportunity for the restaurant industry. A whopping 82% of people would rather receive an experience than a gift from their significant other, and your restaurant can be the experience!

For restaurants, this means digging a bit deeper than the prix fixe menu, but luckily, the most romantic restaurants in this lookbook are ready to deliver.

Restaurants across the country are coming up with awesome themes (Basta in Rhode Island is hanging roses from the ceiling for their Night of a Thousand Roses), custom ordering flower deliveries, and even sending guests home with something for later (like a “Morning After-Care Package” from La Cantera Resort & Spa in Texas).

Whether you’re looking for restaurant menu ideas to inspire your prix fixe menu, some restaurant decor inspiration to enhance your experience, or a whole new idea, this Valentine’s Day Lookbook is a glimpse into what your most romantic peers have been up to!

Download the full Valentine’s Day Lookbook here.


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