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restaurant menu

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restaurant menu

Did you know the experience of dining out didn’t always include restaurant menus? At the first commercial restaurants you simply showed up, ate what was served with whoever happened to be at your table, and that was that.

Today’s restaurant experience is vastly different.

Restaurant menu design is an important part of the meal for both guests and restaurateurs. Think about it –  you put a restaurant menu into the hands of every guest who visits your business, every time they come in.

Your menu should be designed to highlight your most profitable items and drive guests to order the dishes you know will bring them back.Great restaurant menu design is a mix of psychology, art direction, and understanding of your business.

Sound complicated? It’s not. In fact, better menu design is as astonishingly simple as:

  • Drawing a box around desirable items
  • Placing items strategically on the page
  • Making it more difficult for diners to scan prices at a glance

restaurant menu design secrets that boost sales

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Do you have your own restaurant menu tweaks that have worked to drive sales and help with better business decision making at your place? Share them in the comments below. 

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