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Over the last few years, there’s been an interesting trend hitting the restaurant industry… they’re banning kids.

But why, oh why would any restaurant want to ban those adorable little children?

Sweet adorable child boy eating pizza at a restaurant

Here are a few reasons… or in other words, 8 things children should not be allowed to do in a restaurant.

Please, stop crying.

If your mom has no idea what is wrong… why would I know?


I told you a cup with a lid was best.

And now look, you spilled your milk… everywhere. 


Stop judging me from your stroller, kid.

So what, I didn’t shower… 


Why, oh god why are you drawing on the walls with crayons?

You know I’m going to have to clean that up, right?


Oh my gosh, why are you screaming like that?

Now table 6 is going to complain to me, AND I need to lay down.


Oh sure, you can order your own food.

You know you can’t read, right?


Have I seen YOUR kid?

No, it’s not a good idea to let them “explore.”


I am going to have to ask you to put down that spoon.

This is a restaurant, not a rock concert.



Okay, okay, so we’ve all been there. I know, I know. But maybe we just wish you’d keep it in mind next time I walk up to your table and ask what you’d like to drink. After all, well-behaved children, like unicorns, are a joy. 

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