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From Combat to the Kitchen: Meet Veterans Who Now Focus on Dinner Service

Veterans-Turned-Restaurateurs Share Stories of Service

In this industry, we tend to think of service in terms of breakfast, lunch and dinner. In honor of Veterans Day, however, we thought we’d take a moment to speak with some members of the restaurant community who have experienced real service—in the military that is. We tapped some chefs who have gone on to have successful careers as restaurant owners and chefs after their tours of duty were finished, and got their takes on why it’s important to support veteran-owned establishments.

Staff Shares the True Meaning of “By Restaurateurs, For Restaurateurs”

Staff Shares the True Meaning of “By Restaurateurs, For Restaurateurs”

If there’s one common trait of restaurateurs, it’s their passion. At Upserve, we not only provide the premier restaurant POS and analytics for restaurants, but superior service. That’s because our people have been there before.Our staff includes restaurateurs and here we share their stories, what it taught them and how they apply those lessons at Upserve.

Easy-to-Use Breadcrumb POS Gives Restaurateurs Time Back

Easy-to-Use Upserve POS Gives Restaurateurs Time Back

Restaurateurs don’t want to spend any extra time at their restaurant pos. They want to focus on their guests, their food, their employees. Breadcrumb POS gives them their time back for what matters most.

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