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Coffee Shop Facebook Marketing Tips

During an informal 18-person Facebook survey, we asked respondents if they “like” their favorite coffee shop on Facebook and follow their updates. 61% responded positively, saying that they do in…
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5 Tips for Coffee Shop Marketing

Many national coffee shops are lucky enough to benefit from regular, loyal customers; it enabled Dunkin Donuts to become one of the largest franchises on the East Coast and Starbucks to dominate every city block. But how did these coffee shops go about building customer loyalty – what is their restaurant marketing success tactic? The benefit of being a small independent…

How to Create a Paleo and Crossfit Menu that Attracts More Diners

The Paleo diet and CrossFit training programs have exploded in popularity as people explore different ways to counteract obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. The Paleo diet is based on natural, non-processed, low-carb foods. CrossFit is a scalable strength and conditioning program suitable for professional athletes, police, marines and the general population. As part of the training program, CrossFit recommends participants…