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Restaurant Marketing Strategies”.

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Host some events, buy some billboards and send some tweets and you’re in business.

Not quite…

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Effective restaurant marketing can increase your visibility to your guests – both new and loyal regulars. It has the power to increase revenue and bring guests in the door. But what does it include?

  • Your Menu
  • Your Staff
  • Your Guests
  • Your Online Presence
  • Your Offline Presence
  • Your Budget

The good news is that if you have a blended strategy of online and offline marketing tactics focused on menu, staff, and guests, you’ll stand out from the crowd. The bad news is that without a well-informed understanding of the various levels of restaurant marketing, you can’t create that strategy… and your budget will likely suffer.

We can turn that bad news around.

60 Minutes, Reach More Guests

Successful, highly profitable marketing campaigns don’t happen by accident. They start with a great concept, they’re targeted and deliberate. And they’re engaging and repeatable.


Whether you manage 1 or 100 locations, Restaurant Insider and Main Street Hub have the insights you need to reach more guests with your restaurant marketing strategies. If you have 30-minutes then you’ve got what it takes to master restaurant marketing.

Check out the live video to see:

  1. What your restaurant marketing strategy should include to be successful
  2. Local marketing strategies you can use today to reach more guests
  3. How to measure your effectiveness online and off
  4. Ways to boost loyalty with your guests


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