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You’re out for a night with your buddy and you saddle up to the bar. Maybe you’ve never been here before, or maybe you guys come every single Saturday evening, but regardless of whether you know anyone or not, your bartender can make or break your entire night.

Here are some bartender tricks that keep you in your seat with a smile on your face.


Remember things about you
If you’ve been here once or twice, it’s always extremely impressive when the bartender knows what you ordered. But even the small things like remembering what everyone had as their drink before is key to making you feel valued. A little detail like this goes a long way and it’s a bartender trick the best use.

This isn’t to be said that bartenders aren’t always nice, but sometimes it’s busy or they don’t have much to say. Asking how your day was and making sure everything’s cleaned and wiped down makes you feel like they’re paying extra attention to your visit.

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Asking if you want another one of the drinks you had before, bonus points for recommending a similar drink, before you have an empty glass in front of you is an essential bartender trick. Following up to ask how you like something, especially if you were wondering, or even offering to have people try a drink on tap if they’re unsure definitely give brownie points.

For your inconvenience
Everyone knows you don’t make money by giving things away for free, but if you find yourself mildly inconvenienced enough that an attentive bartender notices and comps you a drink then you will always feel special. While there are people out there that are always on the hunt for getting something for free, if you don’t find yourself in that category, the thoughtfulness of the comp will always leave you with a good taste in your mouth about the place.

Real conversation
Now this doesn’t mean you need to tell them all about a traumatizing moment you had in eighth grade, but if they’re honest with you about things (good and bad drinks, yes the A/C is cranking why don’t you move over there, the duck is your best bang for your buck) then you’re going to feel like you’re in the know. There is something about polite candid conversations that make you feel special and an actual part of someone’s day, and that’s an irreplaceable bartender trick.

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