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This may come as a surprise to anyone ready to enjoy a pumpkin-flavored craft beer, but fall is actually the time that beer sales see a decline. According to Bevspot, it’s late summer when beer sales are at their highest.

Not ready to see your beer sales dip like the temperature? Three beer connoisseurs weigh in on how to boost your beer sales and make sure that guests show up for the experience but stay for the beer.

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Know the product

Jack Murphy, brand manager for Three Notch’d Brewing Company, a craft brewery in Charlottesville, Virginia, believes the best way to sell more beer is to be as knowledgeable as possible about the product and guests’ tastes.

“We get a lot of customers who know their way around different beer styles and taste profiles,” Murphy says, “but we also get customers who don’t know an IPA from a porter–and that’s OK!”

Since Three Notch’d releases a new beer every week,  bartenders regularly meet with their brewmaster to go over new flavors.  They then encourage their social media followers to come in and enjoy that week’s release for a discount, which creates an opportunity for interaction with brewers, and a look at the company culture as a whole.  

“In the beer and taproom industry,” Murphy says, “getting consumers to buy into your product and company is one of the main, if not the main, way to drive customer satisfaction and keep them coming back.”

At Rick Moonen’s Rx Boiler Room’s, a high-energy American eatery in Las Vegas, Nevada, general manager Anthony Barcza believes the best ways to get others on board with your beer is to be knowledgeable.

Three Notch'd

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“Explain the uniqueness of the beers,” Barcza says. “Everything about [our] concept is unique, from the custom decor and art pieces to the curating of our beer list.”

RX Boiler Room staff also talk to their guests about why it is important for them to be drinking a particular beer, which is usually based on season or what they are enjoying from the kitchen. But don’t expect any pumpkin beers this fall at RX Boiler Room. According to Barcza that isn’t the type of beer he likes to order for the upcoming season.

“For fall I tend to purchase more malt forward beers.” Barcza says, “Porters, stouts, and Wee heavy beers. I haven’t really got into pumpkins beers but Christmas ales are always fun.”

Sonoma Springs Brewing Company

Use Social Media

Sonoma Springs Brewing Company, a small craft brewery in the heart of Sonoma, California,  utilizes Instagram to spread the word about brewery and product news,  posting photos of upcoming can releases.

Their social media approach also includes posting in Facebook groups, and collaborating with  beer bloggers, who can create buzz with their high Instagram follower counts.The craft beer community is active on social media so sharing news with key players and groups is an easy way to get the word out.

Be Unique

Offline, Sonoma Springs Brewing Company often partners up with local restaurants, as well, for events such as a curated cheese and beer tasting. In the heart of wine country, tastings are not only a must but a great way to gain a following. 

Try offering unique or hard-to-find beers. Put sour beers on tap or find a few of these beers, labeled the most sought after in America.

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