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It’s not surprising when a new, interesting looking food trend pops up on people’s Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat feeds, the go-to source to find out more is the almighty Google. While these trends tend to come and go rather quickly, being able to be agile and jump on these trends could mean major profits for your restaurant.

Your Instagram Trendspotter – Google Trends

You know being able to react to a food trend is essential today. But the best way to spot them? That’s the tough part. You’re too busy to scroll through Instagram all day. Meet your new best friend who has the inside dish on all the hottest items, Google Trends. A free tool that allows you to check out trends from the words and phrases people are searching on Google.

How it Works

Google trends

In typical Google fashion, simply type in the search term you want to learn more about in the search bar. From there you can narrow the search guidelines to location, timeframe, and even industry category. You can bet if people are searching it, their curiosity very likely will lead them to purchase.

How to Google Trends to Boost Sales

Now you’re working with some powerful intel. How do you put it to work? If you get a whiff of a popular ingredient or dish you’d consider adding to your menu, enter it into Google Trends to see if it’s a rising star or if it’s a trend that’s on its way out. This can help you jump on the bandwagon of the most popular dishes and be the restaurant that fills people’s social media feeds with the next interesting food.

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Morgan is a restaurant veteran based in Providence. For nearly a decade, she has worked in the restaurant industry in server and bartender roles. As a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, Morgan has pursued her passion of exploring the intersection of hospitality, technology and of course, delicious food. Her favorite travel buddies are meal sharers who enjoy being adventurous and trying something different.