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Analyze What Happened Yesterday, To Make More Money Today

Understanding what happens at your restaurant on any given day is hard to say the least.  Does this sound familiar:

You rely on sales reports, comp and voids reports, Front-of-House checklists, Back-of-House prep lists and more to keep you and your entire team in the loop and on the same page. Additionally, you rely on shift reports and Manager’s notes that are hard to follow paper trails, Google docs, email chains or word of mouth.

Run a business with multiple locations? You’re practically drowning in a sea of information that gets emailed, faxed or forwarded from every location, every day.

This process is outdated and unproductive. You’re missing out on important restaurant analytics and key insights while your staff is spending too much time completing checklists and not enough time delighting customers. Plus, managers don’t have the information they need, when they need it most to make important decisions on their feet.

Today we’re proud to announce a better, faster way to get the answers you need to grow sales with Upserve’s Daily Digest.


Imagine waking up to an edition of the New York Times where every headline is a vital insight into your business and your growth opportunities. Upserve’s Daily Digest is just that – one powerful daily email providing big data for restaurants that transforms how leaders collaborate to make better, more impactful, business decisions.

With a timely and customizable analysis of yesterday’s sales, staff performance, restaurant menu performance and customer trends, you and everyone on your team now receive the most vital “news” from your business directly to your inbox, daily. No more time wasted pulling reports, forwarding emails, or sifting through countless updates from multiple locations.


Features You’ll Love
  • Automatic – Digest automatically reports Net Sales, Covers, Tickets, Best Customers and more, and arrives in your inbox everyday
  • Customizable – Digest is flexible so you can ask for specific information from  location managers and select who receives the Daily Digest
  • Collaborative – Digest allows managers at different locations to add notes visible to everyone at the same time
  • Complete – Digest is instantly searchable in the Upserve portal so you can quickly revisit what happened yesterday, last week, last month and last year
  • Mobile-friendly – Digest is available wherever you go with a clean design that looks great on your phone, tablet and desktop computer
  • Supported – Digest comes with a team of Upserve Customer Success experts here to help you make impactful business decisions


Complete Visibility Without Data Overload
  • Stay in touch with managers and spot opportunities to drive more revenue
  • Save time and reduce stress with all the answers you need in one place
  • Improve team productivity and communication by sharing insights effortlessly
  • Build a culture of data-driven decision-making
Answers To Important Questions
  • What notable guests came in yesterday and what did they order?
  • What were the top performing menu items last night?
  • Which server had the highest sales per cover at dinner?


How To Get The Digest

If you’re a Upserve customer using Micros, Aloha or Positouch POS system, you’ll automatically start receiving the Daily Digest in coming weeks.

Not a Upserve merchant, yet? Click here to schedule a walk-through and see exactly how the Daily Email works, plus much more.

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