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The phrase “the show must go on” not only applies to the theatre but to restaurants too – especially in the case of an internet outage. With a reliable iPad restaurant POS like Upserve POS by Upserve in his restaurant, Ross Simon, Owner of Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour, never has to worry about whether he’s online or not. All he needs to do is keep the drinks flowing.


I’m Ross Simon, I’m owner, proprietor, bartender here at Bitter & Twisted, in Phoenix, Arizona.

I need a POS to work, be responsive, and be easy to maintain. So, it needs to function without constantly having issues that I can update things, I can add things, I can add new menus, um and not need to call up tech support just to do very simplistic tasks like that.

And then it really has to be reliable, it has to be there if the internet’s out, being an iPad based system, it needs to be still functional. Because uh, the world doesn’t stop if there’s an internet outage.

I’ve been with Upserve POS since we opened the store coming up for three years ago. You know, we don’t actually have to give too much training in regards to it, because it operates how you expect it to operate. I think everyone’s got a basic knowledge if they’ve worked in the industry at all, working with other POS systems, and it’s a really easy transition.

Table side service is a necessity for this particular establishment. That time where the servers don’t have to run back to a stand-still POS system and input it, they can actually be inputting it, as the guests are seeing it, and then they can concentrate on other aspects. They can concentrate on running drinks, filling waters, and all the others factors that you wish from a good customer experience.

The biggest difference I’ve seen with Upserve taking over Breadcrumb, now Upserve POS, I would say they got their customer service back to what it needed to be. I’ve seen leaps and bounds, and it was definitely something whereas, if something does happen, you want someone on the other end of the phone. And you don’t have half an hour, 20 minutes to wait, and now it’s back to much more responsive assistance.

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