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It is safe to assume that no owner ENJOYS doing restaurant inventory management. Even with advanced POS systems for restaurants, taking stock of all products on your premises can be laborious without the right tools.

Here are just a few reasons to explore inventory solutions for your restaurant POS.

See what’s moving (and what isn’t).

With comprehensive data tracking and organizing, seeing your restaurant’s top sellers is as easy as clicking an onscreen button. Within seconds, you’ll have an itemized list of your most popular dishes and types of products at the ready, so you can adjust your ordering accordingly. And most allow you to automatically create and adjust purchase orders to meet these changing demands – this is a seasonal savior!

On the flip side, if you’re wasting precious shelf and freezer space on slow-moving products and dishes that just don’t seem to move the needle, an integrated POS systems for restaurants allow you to remove these items from your next order, then build specials and discounts into your menu without leaving the app. It’s all-in-one menu optimization at its finest.

Track your stock levels by category.

Continuing the theme of menu improvement, if you notice you’re purchasing X amount of avocados, but find that it’s only moving in your guacamole appetizers, you can easily adapt new restaurant menu ideas that speak to this. Perhaps your customers aren’t interested in avocado beyond chips and dip, but you feature it on half your sandwich items. Seems wasteful, no?

With a little thinking and a few clicks, you can modify your ordering based on metrics, not gut feelings.

restaurant inventory spreadsheet template

Food cost is one of the largest expenses for the restaurant, and one of the most overlooked areas for improvement and control.

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Make purchases directly from the inventory screen.

Today’s restaurant POS systems are so finely integrated that even the newest managers to your team can quickly adapt to the new platform and keep your business running on a dime. By seeing which items are approaching their time to order, your staff can respond to these levels and order the item while the overall inventory picture is still in front of their eyes.

Though it seems a little extraneous, consider how busy the average restaurant is, and how easily managers can become distracted. Something as simple as a saved click, or one fewer screen to watch can make the difference between accurate ordering, and a huge gap in your menu.

Of course, you can also set up automatic purchasing if your restaurant is consistent in moving certain products each and every day. But if you demand more control over the week to week ordering, this is a level of convenience a spreadsheet could never offer.

With recent advancements in POS system inventory features, you can finally put the days of handwritten stock management behind you, and let automation and efficiency take over for your business.

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