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bowl food that is pretty on a table

Remember when you were a kid and your mom poured a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast just in time to catch the bus? You were so excited to slurp down that last “O” and sip the last drops of sweet milk out of the bowl.

You never thought much about that bowl, besides the fact that it held all of your morning goodness in one place.

Hop out of that time machine and come back into the present day, March 2017. Bowls are more than a means to eat your food. They are more than a trend, and they are for more than soup and cereal. They are a way of life, and an expectation for many of your guests.

Before you go out and warp your menu into foods that can be eaten with a spoon, here’s 4 facts on this bowl trend, and some ideas of bowl foods that you could work into your menu.

  1. It’s not just about the act of eating out of a bowl.
    OK, society is not discriminating against plates or cups. Business Insider and The NY Post highlight it very clearly, stating, “It’s the way the restaurants fill these bowls with a combination of lean protein, healthy vegetables, and tasty dressings for a good-for-you meal. It’s all healthy and well-balanced.” So, long story short, the bowl trend is more than the silverware, it’s about what’s inside that counts.
  2. The bowl trend fits in with Millennials “go, go, go, mentality”
    53% of Millennials go out to eat once a week, compared with 43% for the general population. Since they are always looking to eat out, they are looking for healthier and fast options to match their on-the-go lifestyle.
  3. Bowl foods up your restaurant’s social media presence-
    This generation is the first group of people to grow up with the internet. As the internet was developing, so were they, and they have had an easier time than the Boomer generation adapting. You want to be where your people are, right? Since the millennial generation is constantly using their phones to get information on everything from politics, to eating trends, the best way to reach them is through sharing. Let’s focus on Instagram for this example. Instagram is searchable through hashtags and location pins. When you feature a bowl food on your menu you could do a few things. You could come up with a unique searchable hashtag for your restaurant or create a promotion that your guests can participate it by posting. Read more about ways to promote your restaurant on Instagram here.
  4. Target a new group of health forward guests to your restaurant
    Most millennials are concerned with health issues that have plagued the generations before them, like their parents and grandparents. They are on the hunt for healthier options, and bowls fall at the perfect intersection between convenience and health.

What are these bowls?

First there were acai bowls, then there were poki bowls. Now they all fall under the category of power bowls. There are many different foods that you could rework to fit with this bowl trend. These bowls are faster to put together and require less time and skill than preparing a sandwich for example. When it comes to the lunch rush – this is important. Think about your current sandwiches, and how you could rework them into bowl form. It’s best to try something out, but not throw all of your eggs into one bowl, ergh, basket.

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