Matt Greer, co-owner of Caboose Brewing Company, says before the launch of his brewery Vienna, Va. was a “beer desert.”

“We had no craft beer within walking distance of any of our houses or any of our cars for that matter, and we knew we had to provide something great for people to drink,” he says.

So when his business partner suggested they open a craft brewery in town, Matt says he “swiped my hand across the table and took everything off the desk and said, ‘Yes. That’s what we’re doing.’”

Less than three years later, Caboose Brewing Company is successfully serving both great craft beers and tasty food, but is expanding into a second location. Before the doors opened, though, Matt knew he needed the right restaurant technology. That meant not only the best craft beer point of sale system, but with a full menu and dine-in service, the team would need all the capabilities of a restaurant POS.

You’ve got different people with different tastes walking in the door every second of the day, and they’re expecting something different out of you,” says Matt. “We knew exactly what we wanted out of our point of sale system and Upserve POS was one of the very few, practically the only one that could deliver everything we wanted.”

Portable and Intuitive

Caboose Brewing Company knew from the beginning that portability and ease of use were two critical factors in their choice of POS. Like malt and hops, the trick was finding the perfect balance.

“A lot of the older systems used giant terminals that could only be updated by a company somewhere in the US that you had to pay a lot of extra money for. We knew we didn’t need that,” Matt says.

With Upserve POS’s iPad-based system, servers enjoyed not only greater mobility, but also a much faster training process.

“Training was probably the best part of this entire scenario,” Matt notes. “Most everyone in this industry nowadays, has used some sort of tablet in the past. They can easily find their way around. Upserve POS is very intuitive.

Saved Time and Better Insights

What really put Upserve POS over the top was that it included Upserve HQ’s restaurant analytics and anytime access to reporting through the Upserve Live mobile app. That saved the brewery time while providing management insights management could actually act on.

“We use the Logbook and without our Logbook it would be a tremendous amount of effort to get us the information that we need on a daily basis. With the live app you can do it on your mobile device. You don’t have to wait until the end of service,” Matt says. “With the Upserve ability to go into the server module and actually see who is serving above or beyond their means is a great ability.”

That perfect brew of an easier POS and smarter restaurant analytics is why Upserve is a major ingredient in Caboose Brewing Company’s expansion plans.

“We’re opening a Caboose Two just down the road,” Matt says. “And, of course, Upserve POS will be right there with us.”

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Holly Everett is a five-year restaurant industry veteran turned small business marketing specialist. After working at Seven Stars Bakery in Providence, Rhode Island throughout college, she entered the world of marketing where she led B2B marketing initiatives at companies focusing on growing small businesses. At Upserve, she integrates her passion for the restaurant industry and knowledge of the needs of small business owners to help make restaurants wildly successful.