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Raise your hand if you’ve dreamt of moving to your ideal location—whether that’s at the shores of a beach, tucked into a snow-filled mountain or in the middle of a busy city—and opening the coffee shop of your dreams. The plan goes something like this: create a beautiful space where you spend your days roasting coffee beans and serving up delicious drinks to the people who will eventually become your regular customers. If this sounds like you, look no further for inspiration.

Here are 11 Unique Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

Whether you’re daydreaming about the future or you’re invested in a space and eager to open up, these unique coffee shop decor ideas are the place to start. They’ll help spark your creativity if you aren’t sure how to, say, decorate your tables or if you’re trying to carry out your coffee shop’s decor on a budget. By the end of this post you’ll have a unique coffee shop idea of your own!

1. Mexican Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

So many Mexican coffee shops are filled with two things: books and great music. If you want to play up the Latin American vibes in your coffee shop, the first thing to do is source some top-notch Mexican coffee.

Second, don’t shy away from bold colors—they’re what separates Latin American decor from many other types. Mosaics are a great option not only for your walls but for table tops as well. And, of course, the more you can buy from actual Mexican makers, the better. If you’ve got plants that you want to incorporate, go for traditional terracotta pots.

Mexican Coffee Shop Ideas

2. Rustic Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

Start with exposed wood, pair it with some Edison bulbs for lighting, and you’re already halfway there. The key here is to let raw elements shine in their natural states.

Fill your spot with furniture from local woodworkers and add handmade cushions of comfort. Plants incorporate well into the rustic aesthetic, as do antique wash basins as sinks and vintage metal stools encircling your bar. Play up natural light as much as you can and keep your dishware simple, and you’ll nail the rustic vibe on the head.


3. Italian Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

If you want to go the Italian route, the thing that you really have to focus on is a great espresso. Real Italian spots take their espresso seriously and they never offer it to go, which is something to consider if you really want to make it authentic. When it comes to decor, focus on keeping it cozy. Sprawling coffee shops like Starbucks are the antithesis of the tiny, local Italian spot. Don’t be afraid to use lots of tile as well!


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4. Minimalist Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

For those looking to keep things simple, you’re in luck. Minimalism is coming back in a big way when it comes to coffee shop decor. Think of art sparingly hung on the walls and clean and sleek lines on everything from your furniture to storage.

The central tenet of minimalism is that everything has its place and nothing is included that isn’t essential. You can’t go wrong with simple wooden furniture, classic black and white tile floors, good lighting, and strategically placed mirrors.


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5. Industrial Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

Starting a coffee shop in an unconventional space? Don’t worry about the exposed brick and pipes – instead, create an industrial look around it! Long wooden tables and chairs are the perfect seating options for an industrial coffee shop, creating a classic aesthetic customers will love.


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6. Parisian Cafe Decor Ideas

If you’re planning on serving up crepes with your coffee, having Parisian cafe decor is a huge selling point. Red umbrellas and awnings above an outdoor space will attract pedestrians looking for a cup of french press. In the interior space, make sure to have plenty of art on the walls and keep it dimly lit, in order to give the full Paris cafe vibe.


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7. Vintage Coffee Shop Decor Ideas

A vintage-inspired coffee shop takes inspiration from the days gone by and brings it into the modern day. Having antique bookshelves, cabinets, tables, and chairs can add some historic value to your space. Wall decor, curtains, and unique decorative pieces from the days of old can help pull together the theme, keeping the coffee (and nostalgia) brewing.


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8. Funky Cafe Decor Ideas

Stimulate customers senses even more than the coffee you serve with some eclectic cafe decor. Including memorabilia from the 70s and 80s and pop art style pieces will help pull this look off. Include the boldest and brightest colors of the rainbow in your furniture, and don’t worry too much about mixing and matching patterns!


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9. Hipster Cafe Decor Ideas

Hand-written chalkboards and paintings from local artists can help boost hipster cred and drive those beanie-wearing, beard-having trend-setters to your cafe. Additionally, you can’t go wrong with hanging up some old records and putting board games out for customers to enjoy. Whatever you do, don’t forget to have great WiFi!


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10. DIY Coffee Shop Decor

Not only can DIY coffee decor save you a ton of money, but it also adds a unique style that customers won’t be able to find anywhere else. Hanging coffee mugs, repurposing potted plants, and using elements of nature like wood and stone can add an authentic sense of home to your coffee shop.


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11. Modern Cafe Decor Ideas

Smooth white walls with tan counters and tables to match can create a clean modern look any 21st-century coffee-lover will love. Add bright lights to bring out the shine on those stainless steel appliances you use to make the trendiest new coffee blends. With the right cups, tables, and utensils, this just might be the style to drive the most Instagram-worthy results.


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