Venga and Upserve are both companies that use big data to help hospitality businesses make more money and work more efficiently. However, they differ in a few very important ways that we spell out here. This post will make it easier for you to distinguish between these two technologies and will help you decide which is best for your business.


Upserve is restaurant analytics plus processing. If you sign up to be a Upserve merchant, you will continue to pay the processing fees you’ve been paying, and sometimes we are able to lower your fees by cutting markups. In addition, you get access to our analytics platform. Venga, on the other hand, costs a monthly fee per location to be paid in addition to your current processing fees.

Bottom line: Upserve is more affordable.

Menu Analysis

Armed with processing data,Upserve gives insight into which restaurant menu items are most popular and, more importantly, which bring customers back. This allows managers to change the menu based on not only inventory but also on repeat customer data. This is a really powerful way of using sales data to increase revenue over time. Venga, on the other hand, works with POS data, and can only tell you which menu items are most popular. While this information can help with inventory for instance, it will not be very helpful in getting more repeat customers.

Bottom line: Upserve’s restaurant menu analysis is more powerful.

Staff Performance Metrics

The Upserve dashboard displays your servers’ sales performance, segmenting sales data by menu items sold. Using this data, you can establish which servers are doing best and, most importantly, why. For instance, you might find that your best server has been suggesting apps, and can then train others to do so. Additionally, with Upserve you can look at which servers are best at bringing back repeat customers, and use this insight to improve the experience of your regulars. Without processing data, Venga is unable to provide this level of insight, although they do provide some metrics on server performance and menu items sold.

Bottom line: Upserve offers better staff performance metrics.

Customer Retention

Using the Upserve platform you can easily create groups of your customers. For instance, you could group all the people who spent over $100 together, and then look at what they purchased and who served them. This is very powerful because it lets restaurant managers know who the high-value customers are, and what they like to buy. Using this information, your staff can take particular care of the people that are making your restaurant the most money. This level of customer management is not available on any other platform.

Bottom line: Upserve offers simple tools to get to know your customers better.

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