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The local food movement is not just about supply for your food menu, but also a great opportunity to make connections with your local wineries and breweries. Locally made craft beer and wine is becoming more popular with consumers, and provides you as a restaurant new opportunities to work with and support local business as well.  As a company that supports all restaurants, we love when breweries using our POS systems team up with local wineries.

Here are three ways to capitalize on making connections with your local distillers, winemakers, and brewmasters to create a partnership that equals success for everyone.

Local Business Support

As a local restaurant owner, it’s crucial to your success and support of your area to know who the owners of local establishments are, no matter the industry. Locally-owned businesses do well by supporting each other. If you have a bar menu at your establishment, show your support for local vineyards or breweries by offering their items on your menu. Or offer to exclusively sell a few of your well-known, easy to manage menu items at their location and tastings.

Special, Unique Brews or Blends

Once you’ve made the connection and established a relationship with your local supplier for beer or wine, creating an unique drink or special blend that is only available at your establishment can be a great idea. It’s win-win situation: You get an exclusive beer that is only available at your location, which brings in the brewery’s fan base. The brewery gets the opportunity to expand their audience and marketing by having their special item on your menu.

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Shared Marketing and Branding Opportunities

Working with local wineries and breweries brings out the best in both establishments. The opportunities to work together on marketing campaigns and branding opportunities are almost endless. Sharing advertising expenses, building audiences together, and supporting a unique vision together as a local establishment are all great steps to bringing in new and repeat guests.

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