Restaurant POS inside bar

If you’re wondering how to open a bar or revamping your outdoor bar, you want to make sure you have the right bar POS system. When thinking about what makes it the right system for you, you have to make sure you are keeping both your staff and your guests in mind.

Bartender preparing a drink using tricks

A big question to consider as you shop around is, is this bar POS as quick as your fastest bartender?

If you have bartenders that can whip up your fanciest cocktail in seconds, you don’t want them bogged down by the restaurant technology. Make sure to ask about speed when discussing point of sale systems- your guests don’t care what caused the delay, just that there was a delay.

Another thing in addition to speed is how easy is your system to use?

  • Will you bartenders spend more than a few minutes trying to toggle around finding the right drink that the customer ordered, or is there a way for them to search?
  • Can you train new hires quickly, so as you ramp for your busy season your rookies are wasting hours trying to learn how to ring in a brew?

If you have the speed of learning, and daily use, you’ve definitely narrowed down your search a bit. An underrated but equally important factor to consider is- does this system take away from the general vibe of your bar. You spent so much time picking out barstools, designing the menu, and picking out the art on the walls, don’t let it get ruined by a hunk of hardware.

Do you have space for a large legacy system, or do you need to have a small iPad POS? Is your bar only open in the evenings, and a blue glow would ruin the mood? Don’t let technology take away from the mood and vibes you want to have in place.

With so many different bar POS systems on the market, don’t get overwhelmed. Focus on your vision for the place and talk to other restaurant owners whose places you like to see what made them buy their point of sale system. But at the end of the day, you know your bar, pick one out that works best for your place.

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