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Cloud-based restaurant POS

Brandy Mayer considers herself “the owner of a business that does everything right.” She helps restaurant owners purchase reliable point of sale solutions, she guides them through using both software and hardware, and—most of all—she cares about what happens to them long after she makes a sale.

“As soon as I hear, ‘I used all of my life savings,’ the last thing I want them to do is fail,” Mayer says. “A lot of restaurants don’t make it.”

As the owner of Buckeye Info Tech, a restaurant consultation service for restaurants and Upserve partner, Mayer has been able to be a part of the solution, a resource to those just starting out, as well as industry veterans who aren’t getting the most out of their current systems.

She says she can tell she’s done her job just by looking at her clients once the system is fully implemented and working as hard as the rest of the staff. “The look on my clients’ faces, the look, and relief of all the servers running around, the bartenders—it’s not the point of sale they’re worried about, it’s the guests they’re worried about. And that’s where it needs to be. That’s how a restaurant succeeds,” she says. “Not worrying about a ticket that didn’t make it to the kitchen, or all that added stress that a point-of-sale can put on you.”

An Easy Sell

Mayer’s approach is more than just a sales pitch. After working for more than 20 years in the restaurant industry—”I got tired of being the bartender. I got older and I said, ‘That music’s too loud.'”—she went into restaurant consulting and became a partner for another restaurant POS company. When she wasn’t satisfied with the company or the product, she reached out to become a part of the Upserve family, selling Upserve POS.

She was drawn to Upserve POS for many reasons:

  • Accessibility: “The communication with Upserve POS is amazing—the notes. It’s really easy.”
  • Offline mode, ensuring that the entire system remains functional even if a connectivity problem arises.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities, like menu and server performance, as well as inventory tracking.
  • The fact that Upserve’s loyalty program comes standard, without any additional charge.
  • The quality of the product.
  • No hidden fees.
  • The Upserve staff: “We talk every day. I just signed three deals, and I’m signing three more, hopefully, today. Their support is phenomenal. If I have a question, they answer it. … I call them ‘my team’ now. You asked if I have a team and I do; it’s J.R. and Jenn. We text each other. We motivate each other.”

“Upserve is not a check chaser. They stand by their word,” Mayer says. “And the quality is there, too.”

A Reputation for Reliability

How does Mayer go about finding new restaurant clients? “This is the best part: I don’t have to. My phone never stops. I have clients that call my clients and say, ‘Talk to Brandy.’ I got two of those phone calls yesterday. ‘I was told just to talk to you about everything,'” she says. “I don’t do a whole lot on the sales aspect of it because I think actions speak louder than words.”

Sure, she’ll stop into new restaurants on occasion in her stomping grounds of Columbus, Ohio, but networking is what really brings in new business. Setting up the POS system and being available 24/7 is just “what makes me, me,” Mayer explains. “I just do it right the first time.”

Why an Upserve Partnership Works

Mayer is driven to help restaurateurs find success with technology solutions that Upserve provides, but she’s also passionate about her own business. With Upserve, she has found financial security while also enjoying the flexibility of working on her own schedule with her own clients.

“I can get on my bike, throw on my backpack, go talk to people, look at people’s networks and talk to them, and hang out at food trucks,” she says. “I love the life that I have. And the residuals that come are the retirement plan.”

“I love winning,” she says. With Upserve, she can.

From left, Deadhorse Hill general manager and wine director Julia Auger, and owners Albert LaValley, Sean Woods and Jared Forman. Photo Credit Brian Samuels Photography

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