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With eleven different bars across Chicago, Four Corners Tavern Group needed a way to dig deeper into restaurant analytics across their locations in order to provide the best experience for all guests. Who are their repeat guests, and what restaurant marketing efforts will keep them coming back?


Four Corners turned to Upserve to provide context around each guest visit. Director Ryan Indovina explains that while the bar group was already receiving some data from their Aloha POS system, “Upserve has been this incredible add-on to the archaic world of merchant processing. It provides an analytical tool based on and tied directly into our POS. This is all in addition to just processing credit cards.”

“You can’t hide from data. You’re able to defend your gut feelings with data,” he says. “One of my managers can say, ‘We’ve been slower on Tuesdays this month.’ So I say, ‘Show me with data. Back this up somehow.’ We don’t have to just feel these things anymore. Instead, we can prove them very easily.”

Not Shying Away From Technology

As a Director at Four Corners Tavern Group, Ryan knew the expanding brand needed more insight into who their customers were across multiple locations and different concepts, so that he could reach them with the right marketing messages that would result in increased loyalty. Data and restaurant analytics gives Four Corners a way to identify and better serve frequent patrons. Indovina says, “Upserve fills in gaps. I often pull up top spenders and top visitors. I can say to a location manager, ‘This is the number-one person in your building who isn’t staff, so you should make sure to get to know this person.’”

Getting started with Upserve was simple. “The integration was seamless. I clicked on the link from our rep and within five minute we were integrated. It was definitely the quickest I’ve seen,” says Indovina.


Helping To Shape The Product

As a former technology consultant, he also enjoys providing valuable feedback that has directly impacted the Upserve product. “I like being early an adopter. I’ve made very calculated decisions about who we offer our feedback to. We see ourselves as a thought leader in our market and we take care of the vetting process for others in Chicago. I’m careful to attach our name to something. With Upserve, I’m comfortable using my name and my company’s name.”

“My feedback as a valued customer has directly impacted the direction of the Upserve product, and made it a more valuable tool for our group as well as other bars using the Upserve platform”

“Upserve was originally developed for restaurants that use covers. We (and most bars) don’t count our covers because we operate in a fast paced environment. Reporting based on covers is useless to me.”


Based on the feedback from Ryan, as well as other large-volume bar merchants, Upserve is exploring development of bar-specific restaurant analytics that will give these merchants a way to look at sales based on cost centers throughout their establishment. “In the bar world, if we want a specific feature, it will help others too.” Says Indovina, “It’s great to have the developers’ ear since the people who build the product aren’t the ones using it. This makes us feel important. This makes us feel valuable. It feels like custom development.”

Better Data = Better Marketing = Better Customer Experiences

The culmination of all of this data and information has resulted in the creation of better guest profiles leading to a better guest experience. This plays out especially well for Four Corners Tavern Group during sporting events. “Chicago is a big melting pot, and we do really well with sports segmentation,” says Indovina. “I like to say the Big 10 graduates and comes to Chicago to live and work. A lot of our bars have collegiate affiliations: Notre Dame, Indiana, Ohio State. We go after that sporting culture on Saturdays and Sundays. We can input a team’s calendar and identify the people who come in for games.”

By creating custom campaigns Upserve let’s Four Corners see exactly who comes in to their bars during specific sporting events and how much they spend. This information allows Ryan and his managers to be more agile with restaurant marketing efforts such as social media, running specific promotions for one bar vs another for a specific sporting event. “If a Boston team is playing a Chicago team, I can market to my Boston fans as well,” he says.

As We Grow

Upserve provides Indovina and his team with valuable operational insights they can use to create exceptional experiences for all of their guests. Whether they are sports fans, from the neighborhood, celebrating a major life milestone, or coming in to unwind after a long day at the office. By using Upserve to connect the dots between marketing and operations, Indovina and the Four Corners team can continue to delight their guests across Chicago and grow brand loyalty through consistently excellent experiences.


Chicago’s Four Corners Tavern Group started in 2001 with their acquisition of the Schoolyard Tavern & Grill. They focus on offering a friendly neighborhood vibe at each of their eleven locations (with four more on the way!)

While all locations share a common theme — creative bar food and great draught beers and cocktails — each is tailored to the neighborhood and clientele it serves.

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