While some restaurants have been prepping for the next big spending generation—which we’ve all been told are the millennials—others have started buckling down and catering to the 55-64 year-old crowd. Why? Because according to NBC, they “visited restaurants on average 220 times last year, the highest of any age bracket.”

The reason, they say, is because this age bracket is newly retired and unlikely to still have kids in the house, so they’re currently the ones going out and enjoying meals outside of the house.

Want to know why places like Dunkin’ Donuts have been trying to make their establishments more comfy, with couches and more plush chairs? According to NBC, this is the reason. Not because millennials tend to dine out and work at the same time (the obvious assumption), but because things, like the lighting, are “friendlier to bifocal-wearing eyes.”

I might argue that it’s a little mix of both – what do you think?

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