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Business lore has it that Mondays and Tuesdays are the slowest days of the week, with Friday and Saturdays the most crazed. Yet how much of that is true? And how much of that is grounded in myth?

Research indicates that sending e-mails to customers midweek, such as Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, will yield better results as opposed to sending on Monday when people are still suffering the throes of the weekend blues or Friday, when some may either be mired in meetings or scrambling to get things done before the weekend.

Then again, that’s the case for the 9-5-office culture. But what about those who own or work in businesses that extend beyond the traditional time parameters, such as retail or restaurants, what then? How do you determine your most popular day of the week and furthermore, how do you turn the slowest day into one of your busiest?

Note which days generate your highest number of sales and exploit it to your advantage

Is it Saturday when many customers are off from work? Or is it midweek? Note your most popular days in your running ledger or database recording customer transactions. Upserve, a simple way for local merchants to accept payments, track customers, and grow revenue, offers merchants dashboards that can show them their most popular days.

If you find that Saturday or weekends are invariably your busiest time of the week, then create discounts or campaigns that take advantage of that fact. For instance, if you work in a spa or in the hospitality industry, design a special weekend package ideally suited for a sizable portion of your client base.

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However, if you find that midweek is a busy time for you, then beef up your staff with extra personnel or offer special incentives or packages midweek.

Transform slow days with enticing incentives

For example, if you find that Monday is a day in which you can literally hear the sound of crickets in the background as opposed to cash registers and the roar of human traffic, then change that by offering a day-specific special, like “Margarita Mondays” or “Taco Tuesdays”. This move draws in customers who normally patronize your business on another day of the week.

Promote these incentives heavily via word of mouth, social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter), and local/online advertisements and use Upserve to bring customers back with measurable ROI via e-mail campaigns, text message marketing and targeted loyalty programs.

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