With more than 600 million chip cards now in circulation in the US, it’s undeniable EMV compliance is here to stay. The implications may seem as simple as switching from swiping to dipping cards, but every restaurateur knows that the devil is in the details.

If you’re wondering how EMV compliance impacts you, here’s the quick breakdown.

The credit card industry, combating fraudulent activities like skimming and cloning, began issuing cards with dynamic EMV chips, which are nearly impossible to replicate. First rolled out in Europe, these cards were issued in earnest in the US late last year, resulting in a safer system for consumers. This change also impacted how liability for chargebacks is covered for those who swipe chip-enabled cards rather than using a certified EMV compliant POS.

The move from swiping to dipping is more than just an aesthetic change. When someone hands you a chip-enabled card, and the card is authorized not using an EMV reader, liability for any chargeback shifts to you, the restaurant – not the card issuer.

We don’t think restaurants should panic or sigh, and just accept chargebacks as a “cost of doing business”. That’s why we’re excited to announce EMV for Upserve POS – the only EMV solution designed for the specific needs of restaurants so you can focus on hospitality, not liability.

EMV Made for Restaurateurs

Our new EMV solution is available for Upserve customers. This means you get the best of everything: cloud-based point of sale, payments processing and must-have insights on what’s driving guest loyalty, server performance, and more.

Because our solutions are designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs, our approach to EMV stands out in several ways.

We designed our EMV kit to complement the restaurant’s needs. Support for chip-and-signature means no changes in how checks are delivered. To give you plenty of flexibility, this kit features on screen signature, split payment support and mixed payments.  Support for tipping after each transaction or after close of day ensures little disruption to how your front of house operates today. Bluetooth pairing between our EMV readers and terminals means setup is fast and easy.

You didn’t get into business to fret about chargebacks. Just like we don’t believe restaurants should pay for payments processing without getting something back, we don’t think chargebacks should be a cost of doing business.

That’s why we’re rolling out EMV as part of our Upserve Pro package, giving you access to everything Upserve has to offer.

Better Together

Upserve provides restaurants not only the peace of mind that comes with having an EMV solution made with the restaurateur in mind, but also analytics that can dramatically improve the bottom line.

Upserve Pro includes several mouthwatering insights such as:

  • Menu optimization so you can pinpoint what menu items are driving repeat customer business
  • Guest lists that create a unique profile for your guests so you can track preferences, visits and make smarter marketing plans
  • Roll-up analytics that enables multi-location restaurant groups to track sales in a single dashboard

At Upserve we’re focused on helping you avoid distractions around liability and chargebacks, and access data that allows you to focus on delivering a one-of-a-kind guest experience. We’re thrilled to offer EMV with Upserve Pro as part of this vision.

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Rosie has worked in technology for more than 15 years and was a founding employee at Reel.com. Prior to joining Upserve, she held senior product leadership positions at Breadcrumb POS and OpenTable where she led product development. Rosie earned her B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her first restaurant job was cleaning menu boards at her family’s restaurant on Nantucket Island.