The Upserve EMV solution allows restaurants to process the more than 600 million EMV (chip or smart cards) without worrying about liability for fraudulent chargebacks. And it’s the only restaurant pos platform that brings together an EMV solution built with the restaurant in mind – cloud-based point of sale, payments processing and the return of insights on what’s enriching your guest’s experience.


Accepting credit cards at your restaurant should be easy, right? But for many restaurants, it’s hard to keep up with changes in the industry. And the rise of EMV as a credit card standard might be one shift you don’t feel ready for.  

What is EMV? It stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa. But more importantly to restaurants, it’s the collective effort by the major credit card companies to reduce fraud, and protect business owners and consumers by moving from accepting payments through a magnetic strip on the back of a card to a chip embedded in the card. So instead of swiping, you dip.

But this is more than just an aesthetic change. Before EMV, if there was a fraudulent chargeback, the credit card issuer assumed liability. Now, if you don’t have the right EMV technology in your restaurant, and you swipe a chip-enabled card, liability for chargebacks shifts to you. With more than 600 million EMV cards out there – and growing – more restaurants want to get on the right side of the liability shift.

That’s where the Upserve EMV kit, by Upserve, comes in. We’ve designed the only EMV solution made specifically for the restaurateur. Other point of sale systems may not even offer a solution, or the only option is a third party brick terminal that’s very expensive, clunky, and doesn’t match your current front of house routine.

Our approach to EMV is different. It’s an affordable solution that’s super fast to setup, easy to use, and built to fit the way restaurants deliver and collect payments today. No distractions!

Best yet, Upserve POS and EMV kit run on the Upserve Restaurant Management Platform, and is available in the Upserve Pro package, so your payments and point of sale work together seamlessly and you get deep insights into your restaurant’s operations and performance, like server performance, menu items that bring back repeat guests, and lots more. With our approach to EMV, you can focus on hospitality, rather than worrying about liability.

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