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So you have a coffee shop, or a sandwich shop, or a bakery where you sell a substantial amount of one-off items. If a customer comes in, grabs an item and leaves, then you’ve only made one sale. However, if they come, sit down, do something, and decide to buy something else, then you’ve made two sales. Keep them entertained for even longer and they may buy three or four items from you in a day.

How do you increase your sales from one to two, three, four or five? Our restaurant point of sale software can help, but you should also check out these quick tips.

1. Get some wi-fi: Nothing keeps people sitting longer than offering free wi-fi. With the influx of people working from home, coffee and casual-food shops have transformed into virtual offices. A coffee in the morning may transform into a mid-morning bagel, a sandwich for lunch, a lemonade and perhaps a muffin or another coffee later on. Many coffee shops change their password every day and print it on customer receipts in order to keep passerby’s from taking advantage.

2. Put out some games: This is a classic coffee shop move, but they do it because it works. Putting out games, especially nostalgic games that intrigue casual customers can not only get people to stay longer but can keep them coming back for more.

3. Start some trivia: Bars have perfected this art, by having weekly trivia nights that encourage people to have a few more drinks than they normally would. Trivia games generally offer prizes from beer and liquor sponsors who have no problem showing up and entertaining your party.

4. Start a deal hunt: Amazon.com has perfected the “4-for-3” strategy, which you can bring back directly to your business. Offering sales on a specific type of item, where customers can buy three and get one free (or something similar), causes customers to spend much more time perusing your store.

Even if they came in looking for one thing, you may convince them to take a better gander at what you’re selling in order to nab your great deal. In the end, they may even find something they like that wasn’t on sale, but in the end they will likely end up spending double or triple the time they would have originally spent in the store.

5. Half-priced refills: Many coffee shops have begun to implement a “half-priced refills” policy. When you’re someone who drinks a few coffees a day, this is a great way to get people coming back to you, instead of perhaps a closer competitor. It also gives you more opportunities to sell other items as people when they come back. Add wi-fi, games and trivia and people may never have a reason to leave!

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