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Resolution Week logoIt’s that time of year again, the time when you earnestly commit to a list of New Year’s resolutions that, in all likelihood, will be forgotten by February. Here at Restaurant Insider, we want to make sure you follow through on those goals–at least the ones that pertain to bettering yourself professionally and growing your business. We’ve compiled some of our favorite articles to help get you on the right track–and stay there.

Before they taste your delicious food and drinks, guests will eat with their eyes first, so make sure your menu is whetting their appetite. From a menu builder that takes psychology into account to steer your guests toward dishes with high profit margins, to plenty of inspiration for new culinary creations, these tools will make your menu revamp a breeze.

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1. Your Menu Here

Plenty of websites feature pretty designs. Our restaurant menu design builder goes further. Introducing the first “Smart Menu” builder template. Use data-driven practices and the psychology of menu design to grab customer attention, sell more of your most lucrative dishes, and drive repeat business.

2. This Infographic is All You Need to Design Your Next Menu with Confidence

Upserve’s first “Smart Menu” builder template is based on 12 key data-driven and psychological factors it considers to be best practices for restaurant menu design.

3. We Are At the Beginning of a Mead Maker Renaissance

Brewers see resurgence in the mead industry, forecasting an increase in consumer demand in restaurants and bars within the next five years.

Confident owner writing in a menu in a restaurant

4. Buggin’ Out: This Food Trend Might Make Your Skin Crawl

Insects paired with pinot noir? Eating bugs could be the future of sustainable dining, so we dug for a taste what’s to come.

80% of a restaurant’s food sales come from only 16% of menu items. How do you know which ones? The perfect menu is just a click away with Upserve's Menu Builder.

Design Your Menu

5. More Pumpkin, Less Spice: Restaurant Owners Reveal their True Feelings about the Annual Fall Flavor

Mid-October is officially the peak of pumpkin consumption, but how eager are restaurant owners and chefs to participate in the trend?

6. 10 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate National Waffle Day (Spoiler Alert: There’s Bacon)

These creative waffle dishes will get your National Waffle Day party started, and give you plenty of ideas for your next Sunday Funday brunch menu.

‘These tools will make your New Year’s menu revamp a breeze.’

7. 10 Halloween Cocktails to Help You Get Your Boo-ze On

Don’t let the kids have all the fun this Halloween. Serve your guests some of these candy-focused treats that they’ll remember–and share online.

Get a head start on another New Year’s resolution and check out the rest of our Resolution Week coverage, like these tips for opening a restaurant.

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