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As a follow-up to its inaugural forecast report that analyzed historical food and beverage sales trends for the first three months of the year, restaurant management platform Upserve has released its sales forecast report for the second quarter of 2018.

By studying 2017 sales data for food, beer, wine and liquor from thousands of restaurants across the U.S., Upserve has revealed patterns and trends likely to repeat this April, May and June, and actionable insights that can allow restaurateurs to make smart staffing and inventory decisions for the months ahead.

wine sales trendsOne exciting revelation? After being cooped up all winter, guests are ready to leave their homes for a night out.

During the first week of April alone, restaurants saw a 10 percent increase in overall sales when compared to the first week of January.

That’s thanks in part to major wine sales on Mother’s Day, a day when thanking Mom with a glass of vino contributed to making sales 16 percent higher than the rest of the year and 7 percent higher than on Valentine’s Day, wine’s second highest sales holiday.

During the first week of April alone, restaurants saw a 10 percent increase in overall sales when compared to the first week of January.


The report also looks at sales data by region, so restaurateurs can track their performance against regional averages, and be ready with the drinks and dishes guests are likely to come in expecting.

Restaurants in the Northeast, for example, should stock up on wine, with sales a whopping 81 percent higher than the West, which put up the lowest wine numbers this quarter. Restaurants in the West also saw 13 percent less in food sales in the spring compared to the highest sellers in the Northeast, identifying a need for restaurateurs to stretch their marketing muscles to get more patrons in the door. Food sales in the Midwest were only marginally higher, with beer and liquor sales instead taking top billing. And in the South, sales for food far outshines that of beer, wine or liquor, meaning some upselling training could have staff increasing check totals.

Hungry for more insights into sales data for Q2 2018, including specifics by holidays and regions? Download the free report here.

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