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Fall trees

Summer be winding down as we approach the official start of fall, but the restaurant industry never stops. With operational changes on the horizon as the new season rolls in, restaurants aren’t given time to slow down to adjust. Check out the changes you can expect this fall, and tips on how to be best prepared.

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Staff changes

A well-managed staff is one of the major keys to success. Expect a staff shift as summer workers go off to school and college students come back looking for a job.

Consider who will train the new staff members. Make sure to get them ready to train during a slow time, before it’s the middle of a busy shift and they’re in the weeds. Set aside some time to have your new staff not only learn the basics, but also the technologies in your restaurant, which can require a bit more time to master. Have they ever used your point-of-sale system before? By fully explaining the tools, you can set them up for success from the beginning.

Menu changes

Whether changing the entire menu is on the table or you’re just exploring a few seasonal specials, adopting any seasonal elements can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. Head to a local farmers market to to find inspiration and the latest fresh and local produce. Your guests will appreciate the seasonal flavors, and you can form relationships with local businesses and farms, who will keep you in mind for their bounties going forward.

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Event changes

With football season almost upon us, get ready for game day view parties. College students come back ready to cheer on the home team, which can be a lot of new faces at once. You can introduce yourself and win over a crowd with half-priced wing nights, and you’ll easily make up the discounts with drinks and other food orders. Pricing one dish low makes it easier for guests to justify getting more of it, or getting something else on the side.

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Social Media Changes

Now that you’re ready for Fall, let your guests know about all of your exciting changes and events. Social media is the best tool to get the word out, so if you’re not already using it, it’s best to start now. It’s a great way to keep your guests up to date on specials and events, and you can benefit from direct customer feedback.

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