We had a great time in DC earlier this week, meeting local restarauteurs, catching up with Swipely merchants, and participating in Industree’s Launchology event. We started the day at Uprising Muffins and ended it with a great panel discussion. All in all it was an awesome time in DC.

The last in a 4-part series, the Launchology panel had a focus on operations and was one of the best we’ve been to (and we’ve been to a lot). Moderated by the Washington Post’s Tim Carman and with members representing the very finest on the DC food scene, it became clear early on that the best restaurants in DC are using technology to run their businesses smarter and faster.

In case you missed the action, here’s the Twitter round up of the best bites from the panel, and the day:

#1: Big Data has a big impact on restaurant operations. Having the tools you need to extract and understand the data flowing through your restaurant is crucially important, but sometimes the smartest thing you can do is “dumb it down”:

#2: Customer experience is at the heart of what the industry does. Make sure your managing every aspect of your business with the customer in mind:

#3: Service is a vital part of your reputation as a restaurant. Set your servers up to succeed from day 1 with a thorough interview process, the proper training, and the family mentality that makes everyone feel part of the team.

#4: Connection is key. Make it easy to understand what’s happening in your business with the right tools.


More great operations tips from the Launchology Panel:

  • put employees first, customers second
  • treat people (that’s staff and customers) how you want to be treated
  • promote from within
  • create a family environment and reward staff with a “happy home”
  • work with individual staff to develop individual growth areas
  • training must include learning the culture
  • need a defined process so you don’t throw staff to sharks
  • Restaurant Eve’s training includes: an employee handbook with ethics; lasts for 2 1/2 weeks with manager and includes tests along the way; share the history of your business and the vision you have for its growth.
  • Acknowledge, Apologize + Act = the 3 A’s that define Matchbox Group’s culture




All in all it was a day full of insight into an industry we love and conversations with the people who make DC a great food town

Using technology to run your restaurant smarter and faster? Share the tech tools and tips that simplify your day in the comments below.