We’re nuts for restaurant analytics here at Upserve. Why wouldn’t we be when we watch merchants use them to make small changes that have big impact for their bottom line? And what could be a smaller positive change than a Yelp review?

You may look at Yelp as little more than a digital megaphone for nasty customers who simply can’t be satisfied with their dining experiences.

But what if we told you that Yelp reviews could be the key to not only happier customers but happier staff as well? Additionally, what if we could show you what a better Yelp rating could mean for your bottom line? Might that change how you feel about the review site? We thought so.

Below are some insights pulled from the Upserve portal – where we gather Yelp reviews as well as OpenTable, TripAdvisor and Google+ – that shows exactly how better Yelp reviews impacted the bottom lines of our merchants.

What we found might surprise you:


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