Pizza chef and business owner

Americans love pizza so much we eat 350 slices of it every second. But running a pizza store is not like running every other restaurant. Specifically, a pizza POS system needs to handle complex order customization, have top-notch delivery management, driver management, seamlessly integrate online ordering, have coupon management, and above all, be really, really fast.

Five features to help you choose the best pizza POS software

1. Time Is of the Essence

An intuitive POS system that integrates online orders with phone and in-house orders means you can process and deliver more orders. Look for a good pizzeria POS system to include caller ID, auto address complete, dynamic mapping, last order recall, and real-time menu management so you can automatically sync updates from your in-house menu to your online menu.

Americans love pizza so much we eat 350 slices of it every second. But running a pizza store is not like running every other restaurant.

2. You Need Support

Spending time becoming an IT expert during the 7 p.m. dinner rush because your system crashed is no one’s idea of good business. U.S. based customer support available 24/7/365 is essential for a pizza delivery pos system. Software should also include regular, automatic updates—and updates should preferably be responsive to input from business owners.

3. You Want Restaurant Marketing

Repeat customers = successful businesses. Repeat customers typically average 20 percent of a pizzeria’s business, but a loyalty program can raise that number by 35 to 45 percent. A Bain & Co. study found that if you can increase repeat visits by 5 percent, you can increase profits by 25 to 95 percent. A good POS for your pizzeria should feature a built-in loyalty program that offers targeted promotions based on customer purchase history, allow customers to tie rewards directly to their credit card, and enable automated texts, emails, and coupons.

4. Inventory Management and Reporting is Essential

Look for a pizza restaurant pos system that allows you to accurately track inventory and improve portioning efficiency to reduce your costs over time. Being able to see items that drag down profits allows you to remove them. Comprehensive reporting that allows you to sift data to see what’s selling, what isn’t, and where your margins are highest is invaluable to better understand your business.

5. Payroll and Employee Management

A good pizza delivery POS system will offer detailed reporting on staff hours and their productivity. This allows you to pinpoint when to add staff or cut back, which delivery drivers and FOH staff are fastest, and which staff may need more training—or disciplining.

Pizza chef and business owner

Three benefits of a dedicated pizza POS system

To outsiders, pizza shops – especially those classic ones that sell by the slice – seem like the easiest food establishments to run. Make a few pies, grab customers a few slices and a Coke, collect cash, etc. But those who know realize these seemingly simple restaurants have some of the most complex needs – needs that can be handled with a pizza POS system.

1. Delivery, delivery, delivery

No matter what those frozen pizza commercials have to say, there’s nothing better than getting a hot pizza delivered to your door in under 30-minutes. Fast service and quality food turned into one of the biggest, most profitable value propositions for pizza chains years ago, but smaller operations had a lot of trouble competing.

Now, with an easy-to-use, iPad-based pizza POS system, even the smallest shops can offer users the same delivery efficiency as the big chains, thanks to automatic delivery updates for customers, GPS and customer information for drivers, and methods to update orders as “complete,” in real time, so there’s no fussing with receipts and such later.

With an easy-to-use, iPad-based pizza POS system, even the smallest shops can offer users the same delivery efficiency as the big chains.

In other words, no more confusion about house numbers, poorly written and incorrect orders, or delivery time discrepancies. It’s all automated, and it’s all accurate, 100% of the time.

Speaking of which…

2. Order accuracy

Those handwritten order slips are best left in the past. Because let’s face it, a poorly written note of “no anchovies” can quickly result in a fishy pizza and upset customers in no time. Pizza POS software allows shops to quickly add, remove and modify any order request to match customer requests, in clearly defined, unambiguous directions that are printed right on a ticket.

Even if a customer calls back three times, an existing order can be updated in real time, so there’s less risk of wasting food or having to deliver to the same house multiple times. A few hits of the screen can speed things up and move things along, with no confusion.

3. Loyalty programs and customer management

Quick service restaurants like pizza shops stand to benefit most from loyalty programs and rewards systems, since guests usually tend to frequent the same spots, because of trust that you’ll offer a quality meal. Perhaps it’s a free pizza after every fifth purchase or bonus items for regular large orders, but adding a little goodwill can go a long way toward building lifelong customers and brand ambassadors.

In the past, these rewards were usually coupons on the fronts of pizza boxes. Now, thanks to an always-connected pizza POS, you can easily track and monitor which guests are spending the most, and which ones have earned rewards, at the push of a button. No more oily box coupons, just simple data, and information tracking.

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