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There’s a phenomenon that has taken the food industry by storm and it involves a video camera, a simple recipe, and one minute of cooking genius using colorful and flavorful ingredients…

Recipe videos.

These videos, brought to you by Buzzfeed and made popular by the Tasty channel, have drawn Facebook users to stop, watch, and get inspired to cook a delicious meal. There are no rules, and the simple concept has been drawing hundreds of thousands of clicks, likes, comments, and more. The team’s goal for its first month after launch was to get five hundred thousand Facebook likes; it got 1.2 million. Today, you can find many other video platforms that are doing the same thing as Tasty, and they are doing just as well.

The idea was brought about as an extension of Buzzfeed Food’s list-icles concept, which have quickly become popular, just as the attention span of the average human reader has dropped to 8 seconds (that of a goldfish!). From there, it grew into a fun and creative video concept which we see as something that can be translated into your restaurant’s marketing strategy.

This week’s 5 on Friday is all about why these bite sized Tasty videos are doing so well, and the top 5 things you can take away from this video marketing approach. Let’s get started!


Keep it REAL. You’ll notice that each video uses real ingredients, real heat, real pots and pans etc. There is nothing about it that’s fake or pre-cooked, it’s all in real time, and the imperfectly cut vegetables or splash of flour are exactly what relates to the everyday chef. This is huge. Why? It draws the audience in, brings a true perspective to what it’s like to cook a meal, and the more real it is, the more encouraged the viewer is to do the same.


Keep it CLEAN. You’ll notice that the kitchen surface, cooking tools, and fresh ingredients are all clean and fresh. You’ll also notice that the fonts used over the video are straight edged and easy to read. You won’t find clutter and the surface is tidy. This is a good rule of thumb for any type of video promotion you’re doing for your restaurant. Keep the space clean, fresh, and happy!


Keep it SHORT. Tasty videos are 60 seconds. This means that you have 60 seconds to get from the first ingredient to the final product. With that said, this provides good insight into the attention span of your typical consumer, and how your restaurant could utilize short videos to draw attention and intrigue.


Keep it FUN. Tasty consistently uses instrumental soundtracks that are jazzy, electric and fast, building up to the finished product. This provides a sense of excitement as the video reaches its end for the viewer to enjoy.


Keep it UNIQUE. You’ll notice that over time their videos went from a singular focus to a multi-focus when they brought the “Tasty Junior” concept into the picture. By showcasing recipes that can also be done with the help of a junior chef, it drew in the attention of parents. The message here? Know your audience, whether it’s your core audience or a new audience you want to tap into. Be unique, be you, and you’ll have no problem integrating a more creative and meaningful video approach to your restaurant marketing.

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Cheers to enjoying some tasty eats this weekend!

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Kaylen is the Partner Marketing Manager at Upserve, where she's worked since 2015. When she's not wearing her Marketing hat, she enjoys poutine and maple syrup from her native, Canada or going on culinary adventures throughout her current home in the Ocean State.