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Ask any restaurateur and they’ll tell you all about their love/hate relationship with online ordering — tedious order entry into their restaurant pos, human error, and long delivery wait times, just to name a few. With the Upserve POS – Grubhub integration, accepting an order is as simple as pressing a button.


The percentage of takeout and online deliveries substantially increased after we got a lot of the online delivery systems. It came out to about 40 percent of our revenue.

Grubhub orders would come in through email and fax. Everything was manual. It was often tedious because you have to enter the phone number, the address, all of the sandwiches, the customizations, you have to make sure that it matches the price that’s on the Grubhub order.

There’s a lot of potential for human error, entering manually. Especially, during crunch time.

Once I had the Upserve POS Grubhub integration in place, the order comes in exactly as the customer ordered it.

It’s the simple press of a button. The amount of time I have saved from manually entering orders, to accepting orders now after the integration, went from average time of one and a half minute to two seconds.

I also flipped the switch on offering online ordering during my lunch hour. Which, before I couldn’t handle with the volume we already had. But I would estimate that since the integration we’ve increased our online ordering by 30, 40 percent.

I would say about at least 50 to 55 percent orders come from Grubhub. And when Upserve POS integrated that, that was prayers answered because our volume of deliveries and takeouts increased by 17 percent, at least. The customers have also complimented us on the faster delivery time and our use of operations and the precision of our orders. It’s been a win win situation for everyone from our staff here to the customers.

It’s a game changer because not only is it making it easier to take care of the customers I have now but it also gives me the opportunity to just keep on pushing that piece of the business further and further.

Everything in the integration is completely precise. So, it’s not only easier, it’s faster and you get much happier customers at the end of the day.

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