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Oh social media. Love it or hate it – it has quickly become the elephant in the room (or restaurant, in this case.) It seems that every day there is another article written on WHY your business should be on Instagram.

OK, cool you say… I get Instagram is free marketing for my restaurant but what do I even post?!

And they answer with pictures and videos… DUH!

Instead of just telling you – yeah – it’s a photo sharing app… share photos! We are going to outline the types of content you should be posting on Instagram.

First thing’s first: Instagram isn’t just for pretty images. You can upload videos (up to 60 seconds!) GIFs, contest giveaways and restaurant updates.

Here are 5 awesome Instagram ideas to spice up your feed.

1) Make them laugh.

Instagram is a place where users tirelessly scroll to escape their daily routine. As their thumbs are flying through their feed, make them stop and laugh with a witty post. Think of your audience, what they would find funny, and try posting that. If you really want to get to the science of it, Neil Patel suggests posting on Fridays to match your audience’s cheery mood.

2) Reposts

How much easier can it get than to use someone else’s picture as marketing for your restaurant?! Not only does it make the original poster excited that they got noticed by their favorite restaurant, but it shows that you are listening and keeping in touch with your fans. Just be sure to tag and give credit to the original poster. OK – we don’t expect everyone to have a repost from Katie Holmes… but that’s not the point!

3) Illustrations

Cooking is a form of art. The question is, are any of the artists on your team also talented with a pen an paper?! If the answer is yes, a creative and unique illustration goes a long way on Instagram.

Know the difference 😉 #MacaronMonday #bakingfun

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4) Content Promotions

Are you involved in something industry related in your community? Share it with your restaurant’s followers to gain more traction. Pair your event image with a prompt in your profile leading to that website. You know that a picture is worth a thousand words – use this photo focused app to your advantage!

5) Behind The Scenes

You are a human right? Your followers are human right? (Well we hope so) And what do humans like? Other Humans!! Share pictures and videos of your team prepping for a big shift, or your best pastry chef preparing a new dessert. This is a great way to show followers what goes on behind closed doors, helping to create an even better relationship with them.

6) Promote New Menu Updates

Show your fans what you are good at, your food, your innovation, your creativity, your bread and butter! (Really you could post bread and butter!) Post pictures of your newest additions, seasonal flares, or just something you are really proud of!

7) We’re Hiring

Social media has made a lot of things in our lives easier. Why not tell your fans that you are hiring? Who knows, a fan’s best friends, cousin’s, boyfriend’s brother could be your newest sous chef!

Instagram, just like your recipes, is always updating, enhancing, and getting better. Now is a great time to get on this bandwagon, or to add a dash of salt to your current plan.

Still hungry for more Instagram tips? Check out our Ultimate Guide To Instagram Marketing.

Do you have any Instagram share worthy tips that have taken your restaurants’ strategy to a new level?

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