How To Use Instagram Marketing For Your Restaurant

Different social media sites and practices come and go, but Instagram has proven staying power. With more than 800 million users, it’s a surefire way to get photos of your delicious dishes in front of future guests, tempting them into your restaurant before they even leave the comfort of their own home.

This guide will help you make your food photos go from good to great in 2018.


There are plenty of social media resources available, but Upserve’s latest eBook on Instagram marketing has the most up-to-date information and insights from industry leaders It not only provides tips for using Instagram in general, but also helps tie it into your restaurant’s marketing strategy by revealing  how other real restaurant owners use it to boost their bottom line.

This guide will help you make your food photos go from good to great in 2018. You will learn how to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd amidst a sea of other food photos, as well as how to utilize the photos guests take while they’re dining with you.

Instagram has changed the restaurant industry, don't be left behind. Get your strategy in place.

Download The Guide

So you’re on board with getting an Instagram account for your restaurant, but not sure where exactly to start?

guest taking photo of food for instagram

This Instagram Marketing For Your Restaurant eBook includes:

  • The power of Instagram as a restaurant marketing tool
  • Four decor ideas to help boost Instagram engagement
  • Five ways to start using Instagram marketing for your restaurant today
  • How real restaurant owners use Instagram
  • And so much more…

Download the full eBook HERE.


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