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Have you been using Instagram Stories to supplement all of your other restaurant marketing strategies?

We already know that Instagram has changed the restaurant industry. And you might be sighing thinking this is just one more way to keep up with the tool, but don’t fret – It’s actually been awhile since Instagram launched this feature. But if your restaurant hasn’t embraced it yet, you’re missing out. When used effectively, Instagram Stories can be a valuable tool to get more seats filled at your tables and bar.

Need a little convincing that this Instagram feature is worth your restaurant marketing time and effort? Here are 5 reasons to add it to the menu.

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1- You can add links to your Instagram Stories.

This is the only place on the social media network that you can add a live link anywhere besides your Instagram bio. This makes it easy for you to direct followers right where you want them, such as your reservations link.

2- You can tag other accounts.

Tagging other accounts in an Instagram Story helps you connect with influencers and partners. This is especially useful if you’re going to have an Instagram contest or an Instagram takeover. The more you can connect with other engaged accounts, the more you’ll drive engagement and awareness of your restaurant.  

3- You can post as often as you like.

The Instagram algorithm can be challenging to work with, and in general, it’s useful to post when you know your followers are most active. With Instagram Stories, you can post as frequently as you like, and your story stays active and easy to find for your followers, whenever they happen to log in.

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4- You can be found by a wider range of followers.

Instagram Stories now allows users to add location information and hashtags, meaning that you can be found by people searching using these methods. This helps you reach additional people who may not necessarily be following your account.

5- You can be more relaxed.

While Instagram itself can be thought of as a magazine for the restaurant industry, where you want all photos and posts to be of a certain quality, you can have more fun with Instagram Stories. Use it to show some behind the scenes shots, like a peek into the kitchen or behind the bar. Have a little fun, and don’t be afraid to show your silly side.

As our Instagram feeds have more and more sponsored content in them, they appear to have a less spontaneous and more staged feel. Instagram Stories is the perfect place to let our personality shine and have a bit of fun.

Have you used Instagram Stories in your restaurant? Share your tips with us!


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