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For restaurants, mise en place – everything in its place – is a way of life. Proper mise en place contributes to smooth service, predictable pacing and a great night for a restaurant.

If you’ve worked with a restaurant POS system or if you’ve binge-watched chef documentaries, you understand that mise en place applies to prepped food, cookware, utensils and all the elements of a busy kitchen.

At Upserve, we believe that mise en place extends to technology as well. And we recognize that restaurants have far too many “solutions” to contend with during service, and that these disparate technologies often don’t communicate with one another.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Upserve Marketplace.

Upserve Marketplace is the one-stop shop for connecting more than a dozen of pre-integrated partner solutions with our Restaurant Management Platform, including Upserve POS.

Upserve Marketplace supports the tools and technologies that restaurateurs need but have traditionally struggled to connect. These services include inventory management, scheduling, labor compliance, accounting, beverage management, gift cards, payroll, PCI compliance and even raising capital for expansion. Partners in the Upserve Marketplace include Square Capital, Restaurant365, Homebase, Dolce, Compeat, Shogo, PeachWorks and many others.

Our goal with Upserve Marketplace is to make the lives of restaurateurs easier, smarter and give them the time back to focus on hospitality. We’re eager to share Upserve Marketplace with you, and to grow the marketplace to meet even more our restaurant partners’ needs.

Mise en place, Restaurateurs!
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Rosie has worked in technology for more than 15 years and was a founding employee at Reel.com. Prior to joining Upserve, she held senior product leadership positions at Breadcrumb POS and OpenTable where she led product development. Rosie earned her B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Her first restaurant job was cleaning menu boards at her family’s restaurant on Nantucket Island.
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