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You’re walking down the street and everything is different, the sounds, sights, street signs, and smells of unique food. A lot of people travel for this exact moment, the time when they are in a different place, with all different things around them in hope of finding something new to eat.

A big part of something new for most travelers is the food, especially street food. You’re a restaurateur, you know how deep into a culture food goes, what goes into it, and what it means to locals.

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New York city restaurants are known for their level of experience and intrigue with always a new one popping up and being on the forefront of what’s hot in the food industry. But American street food is also known for its street vendors, hawking hot dogs and pretzels all the same, maybe not exactly driving new food trends for 2017.

Maybe the high end restaurants that everyone wants to go to, but cant get into, aren’t reinventing the burger, but they are getting new restaurant menu ideas from other countries’ street food.

Many of them are reinventing street food from across the world, one of the places being Bangkok.

But Bangkok’s government is trying to clean up the streets, and it doesn’t look good for their iconic street food scene.

While this was initially being portrayed as Bangkok getting rid of street food all together, people were up in arms about what, specifically, they were taking away. So many working class citizens depend on the cheap and easy street food as a way to survive, with no other option to replace it with.

It has since been cleared up that their government isn’t banning street food, but they are cleaning it up, for hygienic reasons as well as to battle the traffic congestion it causes. This isn’t the same as shutting down every vendor, but it still is a hard time for many people. With minimizing the amount of people on the streets, as well as raising the health codes, their government is putting people out of a job if they don’t make the final cut.

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So with a war on street food in Bangkok, where does this leave the Western world’s need for new flavors? 

The challenge will be how to recreate the Eastern flavors with less vendors out there, but if you make it people will come. From April 2016 compared to March 2017, the search for “street food” from 5,614,680 to 9,175,520.

While you may not being on the street hawking it, or embracing the food truck trend, two of the big drivers for street food is reasonably priced and authentic flavors. If those two things sound like you, then make sure your restaurant is harnessing the popular phrases. Street food is always going to be around, but will harness its popularity?

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