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New to the restaurant industry, Ana Celia chose Upserve to help navigate small business ownership while providing stellar service at La Catrina in Boston. The restaurant management solution allows her to:

  • Train staff easily on an intuitive point-of-sale that communicates seamlessly with the back of the house.
  • Truly understand each sale and customer with analytics that identify top-performers, trends, and areas of improvement.
  • Keep an eye on operations on-the-go with the Upserve Live mobile app.

When Ana Celia moved to Boston to study English, she became fond of nearby Mexican restaurant La Catrina. When she saw that the restaurant was for sale, she jumped at the chance to take over, purchasing the eatery with her husband.


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“We have been improving the customer service, technology, and the quality of service that we offer,” she says, while boasting a menu of northern Mexican cuisine, like chile rellenos, tamales, tortilla soup, burritos, quesadillas, and ten different types of tacos.

While Celia’s family has a history managing bakeries and restaurants, this was her first foray into the industry. By choosing Upserve as her restaurant management software, she has had a helping hand via easy-to-use technology, and growth-inspiring analytics that help her run and grow her business successfully.

Here are eight ways Upserve makes it easy for new restaurateurs like Celia to achieve restaurant success:

1. Improves Communication

While La Catrina first started using just the order-taking functionality of the Upserve POS, Celia soon began seeing the benefits of inputting customizations like forced modifiers and allergy information. Instead of servers having to relay that information to the kitchen verbally, they can now input all of that information into the point-of-sale itself, which Celia says is key “to avoid miscommunication, mistakes, and also to improve efficiency.”

2. Staff Training is a Breeze

Celia touts the user-friendly interface of Upserve POS as a major benefit. “We have so many people and sometimes we don’t have too much time to do training, so to be able to have the training be very short, very easy to understand, is very important to us,” she says.

3. Sales Analytics Paint a Full Picture

“I love to see numbers when I’m making a decision because everybody has different opinions, but when you see the numbers you can make decisions more objectively and many people with different points of view can participate,” Celia says.

4. Spending Patterns Help Identify Loyal Customers

In addition to seeing what they do and don’t order, Celia is able to identify her top customers both in terms of spending amount and number of repeat visits: “How much do people spend? How many are regular customers? How many are people that just come in once and never come back?”


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5. Online Ordering is Built In

Upserve Online Ordering helps us to deal with deliveries and to-go orders without a partner,” like a third-party delivery provider, Celia says. Not only does this mean Celia can save on commissions that can cost up to 30 percent of each order, she also enjoys “interacting directly with the customer so you can build a better relationship with them.”

6. Upserve Live Keeps Owners Updated On the Go

“With the mobile app, we can see what the situation is. If we see an increase in sales, we can say: Oh my god, we are full! And swing by to help staff with the volume.”

7. US-Based Customer Support is Available 24/7

Celia says she has found solace in Upserve Support when needed.

“To be honest, it’s difficult to find a very friendly and supportive customer service department,” she says, noting that Upserve Support is different. “They are very friendly, very helpful. People there are kind. They really care about what we are trying to explain.”

8. The Freedom to Spend More Quality Time with Customers

While getting any small business off the ground is challenging, Celia says she and her husband enjoy their work with La Catrina because it affords them the ability to get to know their guests, especially when they’re not stuck in the back office running reports or managing technical issues.

“We really enjoy interacting with people, and since we are small we can actually know most of the faces that cross the door. We are a neighbor,” she says. “That is something that makes us feel that everyday we are serving friends more than just customers.”

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