March Madness is upon us. The first weekend of games is done, and it’s starting to feel like everyone around you has become an avid college basketball fan. It’s that time of year again and for restaurant and bar owners it can be pretty dang profitable. But winning at “the Big Dance” requires you to have an effective restaurant marketing plan to get crowds in the door and the right menu in place to keep them happy. Which got us thinking about creative ways bar and restaurant owners could get in on the fun this month, and that led us to brackets.

You know your menu pretty darn well, including which items are most popular during crowd-pleasing sports events, you also know how to pair the right drinks to make the most profit. But do you know them so well you could predict the winner in your own head-to-head March Madness Menu Bracket?

Bracket Madness: Not Just For Basketball Anymore

We’re fascinated by all the different March Madness brackets we’re seeing around the Internet this month: Cupcake Madness

  • Cupcake Madness at local fave Silverspoon Bakery is all the rage on our social media newsfeed. Which flavors will make it to the Final Four and which will be crowned the cupcake champ?
  • The idea of “Sandwich Madness” enticed us when we saw this bracket.
  • Of course, we shouldn’t forget about basketball; this NCAA Mascot Emoji Bracket is pretty great.

Have these March Madness brackets gotten your creative juices flowing? We hope so, because it’s not too late to get some skin in the game and make your own bracket. And we’re even giving you the tools to help you out.

How The Upserve March Madness Menu Bracket Works

Our simple bracket download makes it easy for your to pin two sections of your menu against each other: Beer vs Apps

  1. Download and print out our template
  2. Fill in the first round with the items you’d like to see go head to head from your menu and decide on clever prizes and incentives to offer along the way (see below for our ideas)
  3. Make copies to hand out to your customers and have them make their picks for their favorite menu items, fill in their contact details and submit to be entered to win
  4. Sit back an watch the trends emerge tracking the winners of each round week by week as the NCAA tournament progresses

If you’re a Upserve customer, you already know what the most popular (and highest retaining) menu items are at your bar or restaurant, but for the rest of you this bracket is a great opportunity to dig deeper into customer preferences and menu performance. It’s also a great way to build customer loyalty and capture more customer contact info in order to be entered to win the grand prize.

Challenge your customers, your staff, and challenge yourself.
As an owner/operator, you shouldn’t rely on a bracket to tell you what items are the most popular and which are best at brining customers back. Upserve has the restaurant analytics to tell you which items are the winners on your menu and much much more, get the guided tour now.

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