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Labeled as one of the hottest trends last year, vegetables are taking center plate.

People everywhere are moving the meat to the side to let vegetables shine. Why? Guests have many reasons, from clean eating, health, the environment and climate change or….just because vegetables are endlessly more diverse, delicious and sexy (in my opinion anyway!).

Vegetable forward cookbooks are hitting the shelves from notable chefs like Hugh Acheson and Michael Anthony. And just take a look of some of the hottest restaurants right now: Dirt Candy, Superiority Burger, Beefsteak. Hugely popular and all for the love of vegetables.

So, why you should considering making vegetables center plate? I’ll let these reasons speak for themselves…

1. Your Guests Love It

meat v veggies restaurant reviews

2. It’s More Profitable

meat v veggies

3. Your Chefs Get To Get Creative With It

meat v veggies comic

Remember: Making vegetables center plate doesn’t necessarily mean eliminating meat all together. In fact, this is a great opportunity to highlight smaller portions of local or sustainable meat (or seafood!) which can be more expensive –– while keeping your plate cost in line.

… now that I’ve convinced you to embrace the veggies

5 Ways To Get Started Today

  • Find out what is in season in your area using this interactive map. What is in season in your area will not only taste the best, you’ll get the best deal.
  • Get to know grains: Guide to Grains via Serious Eats. Grains are a great, inexpensive way to add interest and bulk to the plate.
  • Get inspired! Check out: Superiority Burger, Dirt Candy or Thug Kitchen.
  • Don’t let anything go to waste. Check out this smart method for Umami-Bomb Vegetarian Demi from ChefSteps.
  • Get the Restaurant Marketing Checklist. Whether you just tweak a few menu items, add brand new dishes or launch “Meatless Monday”, this checklist will be your marketing playbook.

Above all, vegetables can be endlessly diverse and interesting. Wherever your restaurant falls on the vegan to carnivore scale, it’s a conversation that is not ending anytime soon.

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