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This post originally appeared on the Food Genius Blog, by Eli Rosenberg. Check out Food Genius for more restaurant and hospitality industry insights and learn more about the granular insights your menu has to offer.

Access to accurate, timely collected and comprehensive pricing data is at the same time crucial and scarce. A lot of foodservice companies still collect this data in antiquated ways. People either have a stack of menus shoved in a drawer, they manually collect pricing data from their competitors, or they resort to sending a costly crew of field data collection specialists across the country or scouring the Internet for weeks or months. Then, they have to spend even more time formatting the data so it can be analyzed.

This old way of collecting pricing data is time consuming, costly and inefficient. Food Genius is proud to introduce an alternative.

Food Genius’ New Data Service Pricebite Does The Work For You

It’s like a super-stuffed, gigantic drawer of menu pricing data that’s well-organized, efficiently sourced, regularly updated, and much more accurate than the alternatives.

Food Genius Pricebite

This curated menu pricing data service allows anyone in the foodservice industry to receive an instant download of menu pricing data across several popular national restaurant chains.

“We’re able to deliver this intelligence because we’ve built proprietary data acquisition technologies that allow us to collect menu data at scale, giving you instant results.”

With Pricebite, you can see pricing for core menu items from chains across the country, so you can gain the insights in order to update your own pricing, compare existing pricing, or create pricing for new items. This pricing data is from popular national chains Chipotle, Five Guys, Jersey Mike’s, Olive Garden, Panera and Sweetgreen. You get an extensive macro view into pricing in the foodservice marketplace. And once downloaded, you’ll own it forever, giving you the freedom to run further manipulations of the data, depending on your level of sophistication.

Pricebite showcases one of Food Genius’ core competencies, data collection. The Pricebite service provides just a sampling of the data Food Genius have gathered and how their clients are using it for pricing strategies, competitive intelligence and optimization.

This is another prime example of Food Genius making data more accessible Our technology has created efficiencies for foodservice operators, manufacturers and others who need this data, which means we can offer faster turnaround time and lower prices on this type of data collection and delivery.

Check out Pricebite right now and feel free to contact Food Genius if you have any questions or feedback.

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