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Who says Cinco de Mayo and Margarita Mondays need to be your best-selling restaurant days? Savvy restauranteurs – from Taco Bell to James Beard chefs – are using promotions and social media in all new ways. We’re sharing some of our favorite examples below!

1. Host Twitter Promotions

Taco Bell might be far from traditional Mexican food, but they have a handle on social media. Recently, they were even willing to hand over the reigns to their Twitter account in exchange for a little publicity and free work.

2. Host Twitter Contests

And how else will people know all the fun contests you’re throwing unless you tweet about them and post photos? That’s exactly what Lola’s Cantina in Providence, Rhode Island does, in addition to tweeting excitedly about their nachos and margaritas, which are likely to make locals drool until happy hour.

Anna’s Taqueria in Boston, Massachusetts loves contests. On #FotoFriday, followers can win a free burrito by snapping a shot, and then there’s #TuesdayTrivia. In addition, they’re always snapping shots around the shop and complimenting their in-town neighbors.

Annas Taqueria (@AnnasBoston)

3. Margarita Mondays

Whether crushed or on ice, classic or strawberry, margarita glass or rocks glass, there’s no wrong way (or time) to enjoy a Rita. So why not dedicate a whole night to promoting them?

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Blackberry Thyme Margarita from TAMO Bistro + Bar. Restaurant
Blackberry Thyme Margarita from TAMO Bistro + Bar.


4. Make Every Holiday Mexican-themed

Margs restaurant turns Valentines Day into Loco Love day.


Loco Love Mexican restaurant promotion


5. Share Photos on Social Media

margarita and lime

La Casa Mexi Grill in Colorado Springs, Colorado waits for the right times to shamelessly promote their margarita menu. Can’t say this photo is turning anyone away! They also do a great job with hashtags and @ marketing, which makes their feed likable and standout.

6. Host (or Start) a Food Truck Night

Food trucks are practically synonymous tacos and guac. So use a beautiful summer night to host all your local food trucks for a big block party (you could even invite local Mexican bands to join). You could even consider starting your own- with the food truck business increasing 8% annually, it’s a good business to be in! Plus, it might be cheaper than you think to open a food truck.

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