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As the hallmark of a fine dining experience, the Michelin Guide is a prestigious rating system that identifies the top restaurants in the world. Initially meant to be used as a travel guide, Michelin’s three-star rating system indicates just how far out of your way you should go to visit each of these landmark restaurants.

  • One star signifies “a very good restaurant” that you should definitely visit if you are in the area.
  • Two stars are “excellent cooking that is worth a detour.”
  • Three stars mean “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey.”

Below is a comprehensive list of all of the Michelin-starred restaurants in the United States for when you plan your next cross-country road trip. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the way many restaurants operate, be sure to check each restaurant’s official website or Michelin Guide listing to find out what capacity they are serving in.

List of Michelin Star Restaurants in the United States

New York City Michelin Star Restaurants

Masa, Japanese/Sushi

Per Se, Contemporary

Le Bernardin, Seafood

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Contemporary

Eleven Madison Park, Contemporary/Innovative

Daniel, French

Aquavit, Scandinavian/Contemporary

Jean-Georges, French/Contemporary

The Modern, Contemporary

Blanca, Contemporary

Gabriel Kreuther, Contemporary

Atomix, Korean/Contemporary

Aska, Scandinavian/Contemporary

Ichimura at Uchu, Japanese/Sushi

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, French

Atera, Contemporary

Jungsik, Korean/Contemporary

Blue Hill at Stone Barns, America/Contemporary (Tarrytown, NY)

Ko, Contemporary


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Sushi Inoue, Japanese/Sushi

Sushi Noz, Japanese

Casa Enrique, Mexican/Regional Cuisine

Le Jardinier, French/Contemporary

Caviar Russe, Seafood/Contemporary

Marea, Seafood, Italian

Sushi Amane, Japanese/Sushi

Oxomoco, Mexican/Contemporary

Sushi Yasuda, Japanese/Sushi

Agern, Scandinavian/Contemporary

Tempura Matsui, Japanese/Tempura

Satsuki, Japanese/Sushi

Kajitsu, Japanese/Vegan

Sushi Ginza Onodera, Japanese/Sushi

Ai Fiori, Italian

The Four Horsemen, American/Californian

Benno, Italian/Regional Cuisine

Noda, Japanese/Sushi

NoMad, Contemporary/Classic Cuisine

Peter Luger, Steakhouse/America

Meadowsweet, Mediterranean Cuisine/American Contemporary

The Clocktower, Contemporary/English

Cote, Korean/Steakhouse

Casa Mono, Spanish/Contemporary

odo, Japanese

Kanoyama, Japanese

Tuome, Fusion

Kosaka, Japanese

Contra, Contemporary

Del Posto, Italian

Blue Hill, America

The Musket Room, American/Contemporary 

Estela, American/Contemporary 

Carbone, Italian-American

ZZ’s Clam Bar, Seafood

Sushi Nakazawa, Japanese

Wallsé, Austrian

Jeju Noodle Bar, Korean

Hirohisa, Japanese/Classic Cuisine

Oxalis, American/Contemporary 

Le Coucou, Classic French

Bâtard, Contemporary

The River Café, Contemporary

Crown Shy, American/Contemporary

Claro, Mexican

L’Appart, French/Contemporary

Gramercy Tavern, Contemporary/American

Chicago Michelin Star Restaurants

Alinea, Contemporary/Creative

Acadia, American/Contemporary 

Oriole, American/Contemporary 

Smyth, Contemporary/Modern Cuisine


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Spiaggia, Italian/Modern Cuisine

Topolobampo, Mexican

North Pond, American/Contemporary

Everest, French

Entente, Contemporary

Sepia, American/Contemporary

Kikko, Asian Contemporary

Yugen, Asian Contemporary

Boka, Contemporary/Mediterranean Cuisine

Omakase Yume, Japanese/Sushi

Mako, Japanese/Contemporary

Next, Contemporary/Innovative

Elska, American/Contemporary

Schwa, Contemporary/Innovative

Temporis, Contemporary/Modern Cuisine

Elizabeth, American/Contemporary

Goosefoot, French/Contemporary

EL Ideas, Contemporary

Parachute, Korean/Contemporary

Washington, D.C. Michelin Star Restaurants

The Inn at Little Washington, American/French

Pineapple and Pearls, Contemporary

minibar, Contemporary

Gravitas, American/Contemporary

Masseria, Italian/Regional Cuisine

Little Pearl, Contemporary

Rose’s Luxury, Contemporary

Bresca, American/Contemporary

Métier, Contemporary/Modern French

The Dabney, American

Kinship, French/Contemporary

Tail Up Goat, Contemporary

Fiola, Italian/Contemporary

Komi, Mediterranean Cuisine

Sushi Taro, Japanese/Seasonal Cuisine

Plume, European/French

Sushi Nakazawa, Japanese/Sushi

Maydan, Middle Eastern/Grill


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California Michelin Star Restaurants

San Francisco

Quince, Californian/Contemporary

Benu, Asian/Contemporary

Atelier Crenn, French/Contemporary


The French Laundry, French/Contemporary

Los Gatos

Manresa, Contemporary/Californian


SingleThread, Contemporary

San Francisco

Coi, Californian/Contemporary

Acquerello, Italian/Contemporary

Saison, Californian/Contemporary

Californios, Mexican/Contemporary

Lazy Bear, Contemporary/Modern Cuisine

Los Angeles

n/naka, Japanese/Contemporary


Providence, Seafood

West Hollywood

Sushi Ginza Onodera, Japanese/Sushi


Campton Place, Indian/Contemporary

Culver City

Vespertine, Contemporary


Shin Sushi, Japanese/Sushi


Commis, Contemporary

Palo Alto

Baumé, French/Contemporary

San Francisco

Michael Mina, North African/Contemporary

Mourad, Moroccan 

In Situ, International

Mister Jiu’s, Chinese

Sons & Daughters, Contemporary

Luce, Contemporary

Hashiri, Japanese

Kin Khao, Thai/Californian

Gary Danko, Contemporary

Keiko à Nob Hill, Japanese/French

Omakase, Japanese/Sushi

Birdsong, American/Californian

Lord Stanley, Californian

Octavia, American/Californian

Rich Table, Contemporary

Bar Crenn, Classic French

SPQR, Italian/American/Contemporary

The Progress, American/Contemporary

State Bird Provisions, American/Californian

Al’s Place, American/Californian/Contemporary

ju-ni, Japanese/Contemporary

Sorrel, Californian/Italian

Spruce, Californian/Contemporary

Angler SF, Seafood/Contemporary

Los Angeles

Orsa & Winston, Asian/Contemporary

Hayato, Japanese/Sushi

Q Sushi, Japanese/Sushi

Shibumi, Japanese/Asian and Western

Le Comptoir, Californian/Contemporary

Osteria Mozza, Italian

Mori Sushi, Japanese

Shunji, Japanese

Kato, Asian/Taiwanese


Kali, Californian

Palo Alto

Protégé, Californian/Contemporary

Beverly Hills

Nozawa Bar, Japanese/Sushi

Maude, European/Contemporary

CUT, Steakhouse/American

Menlo Park

Madera, Californian/Contemporary

San Diego 

Addison, French/Contemporary


The Kitchen, Contemporary/Californian

San Mateo

Sushi Yoshizumi, Japanese/Sushi


La Toque, Contemporary

Kenzo, Japanese


The Village Pub, American/Contemporary

Temple City

Bistro Na’s, Chinese/Beijing Cuisine

Costa Mesa

Hana re, Japanese/Sushi

Taco María, Mexican/Contemporary

Santa Monica

Rustic Canyon, Californian


Auberge du Soleil, Californian


Bouchon, French

Mountain View

Chez TJ, American/Contemporary


Plumed Horse, American/Contemporary


Rasa, Indian/Contemporary

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